Monday, August 1, 2011


This is my 300th blog post!! How exciting :-) Of course I had years of blog entries on my previous blog, but this is my 300th entry since moving my journal over here to blogger--I  did that last fall.

In honor of my 300th post I've decided to share with you all my 300 most favorite photos...

....scare ya? I won't  be  posting 300 pictures today (sorry probably got excited there for a minute :-)   ....instead though I made a few collages real quick of photos since this blog began last fall--enjoy!

(You can click on the collage to make it bigger)

Want to help me celebrate the big 3-0-0? Become a follower! :-) Read my previous update for details (I added directions in the comments section on my previous post.) Thanks to my new followers too!

Ok, today Raya  tried  out one of her outfits for this  fall. She's still  a snot nose and this outfit came with a headband, which I was curious if she'd wear b/c she normally hates headbands but had never worn a fabric one like this before. She has left it on all day!! I might have to try making some.

I seriously  might cry looking at these  pictures....she's getting so big! Definitely not my baby anymore.

"Mama, she just stole my toy!"

"Distract her while I steal it back..."

"That didn't  work."

Lastly, for Tot School today we did a super fun art project! (Ok, I'll admit, this art project was totally above Raya's skill level, but *I* wanted  to do it LOL. I could do crafts all day and be happy. Or "kaffs" as Raya  calls them haha)

This is melty crayon wall art! With  back to school sales right now this craft is perfect. Target has boxes of 24 crayons for 20 cents each. I needed 6 boxes (because I didn't use all the colors). Then I bought a 4 pack of"artist canvas panels" (these are NOT stretched canvas...just like  cardboard covered in canvas)....the 4 pack of 12x12 panels was $5 at the craft store. So chep project, and I still have 2 canvas panels left to create with :-)

First  start by  sorting the crayons...

Then hot glue them to the canvas in whatever pattern you want!

Bake at about 250 degrees...only  takes a few minutes!

Brielle kept an eye on them for me ;-)

Done! Let cool :-)

Each one turns out unique....and it's super fun to watch them melt in the oven! I took mine out before all the drips made it to the bottom :-)

I hot glued ribbon on the back to hang them up. Great thing about our playroom decor is that  it's very bright so lots of fun arts and crafts "match" in there! Once we move I want to make a "craft" area in the new playroom and I plan to hang this artwork above her work desk. It doesn't quite fill the space up above the bed here, but it works for now.

She  was so excited to touch them, because I had been telling  her they were "hot" before

And before you start thinking "Oh my god, she's a crafty genius! She's a super mom. She's my IDOL!"  (which is probably all true :-) ....This wasn't *my* idea. I borrowed this super neat idea from another blog I stumbled



  1. what an awesome craft idea...I might have to steal that one! Our girls are not looking like babies anymore they are little girls, it makes me sad. Keira is growing out of that baby phase to, shes changing =(

    Happy 300 posts, love the collages!

  2. Oh I am soooo sad, Raya looks sooo old,I love the outfit with the head band, what a pretty little girl!!! love the art project!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. LOVEEEEEE this idea :) i'm gonna have to Pinterest it


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