Tuesday, August 30, 2011

50 things you probably don't know about me.

My bloggy friend (SweetNSassyGirls) did a post like this awhile back and I have been meaning to do something similiar, so here ya go :-P

1.) I refuse to wash dishes by hand. Back  in the day when I didn't have a dishwasher I bought one of those kitchen sponges with the long handle (with soap inside) and I washed all of my dishes with that. The thought of putting my hands in dishwater makes me gag.

2.) I won't drink the last little bit of milk in the gallon.

3.) I'm deathly afraid of cherries. I've never eaten one in my entire life, but from a young age refused to try them. The idea of putting one in my mouth makes me sick.

4.) For undergrad I went to a private college where you took only one course at a time. You attended that one class fro 2-4 hours a day for 3.5 weeks, then had like a 5 day weekend (block break) before beginning your next class. I loved that schedule.

5.)  When I was in high school I  was convinced  I'd have boy/girl twins and name then Camden and Claire. I still love the name Camden for a boy, but Lee hates it.

6.) Probably 80% of the 0-3 month clothes my girls have worn were actually purchased for dolls in me and my mom's doll collections.

7.) Growing up my favorite food was mashed potatoes. I would cry if I thought someone else in the family was taking too many because I wanted lots left over for me.

8.) My favorite colors are green and brown, both for my clothing and home decorating.

9.) Lee and I met on yahoo personals.

10.)  Our first date (where we met in person for the first time) was Texas Roadhouse.

11.) If I could  only  eat one thing the rest of my life I'd choose cereal.

12.) I never get my haircut by  the same person twice. I like just walking in to someplace randomly and taking whichever hairdresser is free.

13.) Given the chance I'd probably spend all of my money on children's clothing.

14.) Christmas is my favorite holiday...and I am not religious.

15.) Fall is my favorite season. Lee and I were married on Oct. 26th because I love fall. My wedding colors were brown and ivory/champagne.

16.) I don't  like sleeping in....it always makes me wake up feeling tired. I also don't take naps for the same reason.

17.) I'm a huge  procrastinator. I almost always get done what needs to get done....but just under  the wire, last minute style.

18.) I wanted 4 kids, Lee wanted 2....we have compromised on 3. I "got my way" by agreeing to change all poopy diapers (if I'm home...I obviously don't rush home to change  them if he's alone with the girls or something haha).

19.) At this point and time I think having 3 girls would be fun. Lee hopes our third (and final) is a boy.

20.) I love sweets. I pick sweet over salty every time.

21.) I learned Santa wasn't real after my brother and I found where my mom kept all of our baby teeth, and she revealed that the tooth fairy (and Santa, etc.) weren't real. After we found out my brother and I went around thanking my parents for all the things we had previously thought Santa bought for us haha.

22.) I wish I still believed in Santa.

23.) I go through spurts of loving coffee and  drinking it constantly to not drinking it at all.

24.) I wear maternity clothes sometimes even when I'm not pregnant. It's so damn comfortable.

25.) I'm a pretty social person, but I don't like going new places. Once I'm actually there I am fine though. The anticipation of something new and different makes me nervous!

26.) I have a sarcastic sense of humor.

27.) In college I double majored in Psychology and English.

28.) I've been to Germany and England.

29.) I'm a little bit of an internet junky. Whenever I'm feeding the baby I'm using one hand to play on the computer :-)

30.) I had elbow surgery at the Mayo clinic in college, due to damage from my arthritis. For one month after the surgery I had to wear a giant metal contraption that strapped to my body and a motor moved my arm up and down 23 hours a day. I had to plug myself in at night and sleep propped on my back, and all night long the motor continued  to move my arm. It was HORRIBLE. I continued working two jobs that summer (at a residential facility for trouble kids *and* at a gas station) and during a field trip for my first job I was actually kicked out of a museum tour because the  motor on my contraption was bothering other visitors LOL.

31.) My favorite pop is Diet  Coke.

32.) My favorite candy is chocolate *or* sour patch kids.

33.) I wear a size 9.5 shoe and size 10-12 dress/pants

34.) I hate doing laundry.

35.) If I ever get another dog I want a West Highland Terrier (Westie). I think they are so cute.

36.) I didn't really enjoy my job as a school psychologist. I wish I had picked a different degree, but I have no idea what. I loved having my summer's off though.

37.) I can't drive at night. I fall asleep very easily.

38.) My go to outfit of choice is jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.

39.) I got super nauseous/sick with both of my pregnancies for the first 18-20 weeks.

40.) I went 4 days overdue  with Raya. I cried (literally).

41.) My least favorite "holiday" is New Year's Eve. I don't really get the point. I'd rather go to bed.

42.) I'm completely unartistic...I can't  draw a recognizable  picture for the life of me. All of my Etsy designs are things I've traced from somewhere to make my own stencils haha.

43.) I took piano lessons all growing up. I still enjoy playing but haven't in a really long time. When we were dating lee bought me a really fancy keyboard to play and I loved it, but haven't gotten it out in a long time since getting married and having kids. I want to teach the girls to play some day.

44.) I also took dance class for 3 years in middle school. I can't say I was very good.

45.) I have a high school varsity letter in the sport of golf. There were only 8 girls on the team and the top 6 were considered "varsity". I was a pretty bad golfer but still better than 2 other girls!

46.) My most favorite years (other than my years as a mom) were my Junior/Senior years in high school I think. College was OK, but I have more fond memories of high school.

47.) I don't  like hardwood floors. I like the *looks* of them, and I think they are fine in the kitchen/dining room....but I hate how cold and hard they are in other living areas. I prefer carpet.

48.) I'm very low maintanace. I shower, put in a pony tail, and throw on some foundation and mascara....then I'm good to go. I took a little extra time blowdrying my hair and such in my younger days, but I've never been into fashion/makeup all that much. I spend way more time on my girls' clothes than I ever did on my own.

49.) School was almost always cancelled on my birthday due to snowstorms growing  up. Many birthday parties had to be rescheduled. I was born inbetween two snowstorms according to my mom.

50.) I just wasted 30 minutes of nap time filling out this list, when I should have been sewing more Etsy orders!

*************Check out this video of Brielle I just uploaded to youtube:*************** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gsk1BdcNQRA

I feel horrible that I haven't  take a video of Brielle in months. I want to be able to remember her when she was little, but I've just been so busy and we misplaced the camera for awhile too....so yesterday I took a video "just because" to forever remember her cuteness at this age :-)


  1. OMG, her giggle is so precious! I haven't done one video of Kyla yet. I'm so bad! I'm getting out tonight. Thanks for the motivation!

    Ok, internet junky, help a new, not so tech savvy momma out. How do I set it up so I get an email when you have a new post so I don't have to keep checking back and have you think I'm stalking you? :) And how did you get that banner with the five pictures of the girls at the top of your blog? Sorry for the annoying questions. I've tried Blogger help and it wasn't very helpful. Thanks!


  2. Awesome, thank you so much!


  3. Brielle is so adorable, love that giggle!

    I would say that I'm an internet junkie too. I love christmas time too.

    Great list


  4. Well there are a few things you got from me, the naps,not sleeping in,not driving at night due to sleepiness, but the rest of that list I swear you grew up in someone elses house!!!!!!!!
    Love Brielles movie, pretty, pretty baby!!!!
    Love,Grama F


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