Wednesday, August 24, 2011

6 month professional pics

The pictures are done...yippee! We definitely got some cute ones, although I think we had a little trouble getting Brielle to look  at the camera and she was getting over a cold and stuff so not many smiles...but definitely some frameable options.

I haven't picked an overall favorite yet, but my favorite of this outfit is (these are just screenshot taken by At Play Photo):

My favorite elephant hat picture is:

My favorite shabby chic outfit picture is:

And my favorite camo skirt picture is (although you can't see the skirt haha...but she was over pictures by the time we did this outfit  since it was last and she just wanted  to eat grass lol):

Some other random favorites are:

Hopefully for her 9 month pics she isn't sick and we can get some smiles!


  1. so adorable! they turned out great!


  2. these are sooo cute! man, i love them!! i was kinda bummed i only got 1 smile from kallen for her photos, but then i thought the snap shots of his sweet face are just as good and a reminder of the age he was at :)

  3. Thanks! Yeah I agree, I sort of expected that my snapshots are obviously going to be the best "smile" photos of her true personality because I can catch her on her best days and she knows me. I still like getting professional ones done too though just b/c I can't ever recreate the background/lighting/clarity of the professional pics, although I wish I could!!! :-)


  4. Shawna, her pics are AMAZING! She sure is photogenic, isn't she? I think the very last one is my fav!

  5. Thanks! She was mid-clap during that last one hehe :-)


  6. She is too darn cute!!!

  7. The more I look at all the pics, the harder it is to decide, I keep finding another favorite!!!!
    Pretty, pretty, pretty!
    Grama F

  8. They are all so adorable! I tried to find a favorite, but they are all so good!



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