Thursday, August 11, 2011

7 months old

My baby girl is 7 months old today! And you all know what that means--sock monkey photoshoot!!!! :-)

...and let me just say, Brielle is officially at *that* age. Remember when Raya began to beat the shit out of poor Mr. Owl? Well, Brielle seems to be a gentler little thing, but she still took poor Sock Monkey for quite a wild ride during their photoshoot today haha

"Hey Mama, who is this?!"

"Oh, it's Sock Monkey? Well come here little guy!" (Or girl I guess--what gender should Sock Monkey be?! LOL)


"Eh...can I return him for some pureed peas or something?"

"No? Well I guess I'm stuck with you then Sock Monkey."

"Mama? What else you got for me? I"m totally over this photoshoot."

"Peace out people...the show is over"

Now for the 7 month stats! I'm guessing Brielle is approaching 19lbs right now, but she's still a shorty. Clothing wise she's much smaller than Raya was at this age, which should work out well because I think this fall/winter Brielle will actually be able to wear some of the stuff from Raya's very first winter--yay . Brielle can still wear 6 month clothes pretty easily--her onesie in these pictures is a 6 month Carters. She can also wear 9 month stuff too, and 6-12 month stuff, depending on the brand. She's still in size 3 diapers, but I"ll probably be buying size 4 before much longer. Food wise she's eating a container of baby food about twice a day--usually morning and supper time. She's still not thrilled with solids, but she'll usually eat 2 containers a day. She has 6 ounces of formula approx. 6 times a day. She's doing great sleeping in her bed for naps, but at night we're still struggling. She had been doing quite a bit better for awhile, but over the last 3 days it's gotten worse again. I think between getting over her cold and possible teething it's just going to be a struggle for awhile. She sits on her own very well now and can roll both ways (although she usually rolls back to belly and then stays on her belly until I come rescue her.) She *can* roll to her back again, but for some reason she just rarely does. She doesn't crawl and she doesn't even get up on her hands and knees, but she pushes herself backwards in order to scoot where she wants to be! This last month has been marked by clapping--it's her favorite thing to do!!! She's also still very smiley and giggly. I just love this age! She's finally at an age where she is pretty happy in the car, she does well sitting up in the shopping cart (no more carrying in a carseat!) and we are just about to switch her out of her infant carrier to a rear-facing carseat. Hmmm...what else? Oh, she's doing more interacting and playing with Raya and will try to initiate attention/play time with Raya, which is pretty cute. I've also been hearing more and more "No sissy! That's Ray-Ray's toy!" and then Raya usually ends with a look of disgust on her face when she realizes that Brielle has slobbered on her toy and she'll start screaming "puke mama! Sissy puked on Ray-Rays toy!"  Oh boy--those two are going to provide me with lots of smiles and laughs, but also plenty of headaches I think :-)

*This* little girl, well she's sweet as can be but I'm also seeing glimpses of "evil" just like big sister!

See her evil grin?

Happy 7 months baby girl!!! I love you so so much!   (And don't miss my other new update from earlier this morning!)


  1. So cute!
    Happy 7 Months Miss Brielle!

  2. I just can't believe that in 3 months Brielle will be a year old!!!! That makes me very sad!!!
    Grama F


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