Thursday, August 4, 2011

After 6 horrific months...

....I *think* we may have finally sold our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paper towel family created by me today :-P Raya uses them as puppets.

So anyways, we did accept an offer today. I wouldn't  say we're "happy" about the sales price, but it is what it is in this crappy housing market. We won't  be seeing much, if any, of the money back that we put into improvements but oh well. At least it's done and over with, and hopefully soon I won't  have to clean for a long time!!! :-)

The reason I say we "think" we sold the house is because we are going through a relocation company--which is just  about as annoying as if you were going through the bank for a short sale or something--lots of paperwork has to filter through us to the relo company, they filter it to the buyers, and back and forth we go. So while we have verbally accepted an offer we still  have to have the relo company process all the paperwork to make it official, and then we need to get through inspection. Hoping hoping hoping that the buyers are understanding of the fact it's an older home, because we can't afford to fix anything at the  price we sold it for, or else we won't have enough downpayment to buy anything good. Once paperwork is processed and inspection is passed then on or before Sept. 2nd everything will  be finalized and we'll be free to move out!! Then the relo company pays our mortgage and takes over the house until it closes in Oct....and if something falls through before then we are off the hook and the relo company is stuck with the house. :-P

So anyways, that's where we stand now. Lee didn't want me to share this news for fear of "jinxing" it, but  I don't believe in that stuff anyways and I figured I've bitched enough on the blog now that you'd all be wondering where we stand now :-)

If and when we move out we'll be moving to my parents house until we find a new house we like. There is pretty much crap for sale right now (well that, and we're incredibly picky haha).

I'm sad at the thought  of leaving this home because I've really enjoyed it here, but relieved to almost (hopefully) be done with the selling saga. I'm sure us and the girls will have fun making new memories in the new house. A home is not an address--a home is a family and the people you love, right? :-)

....fingers crossed....


  1. my fingers are crossed for you guys! I bet selling a house is so stressful! Hope you guys are able to find a new house soon. We'll be in the house hunting boat come the first of the year when we start looking.
    The girls are as cute as ever!

  2. How exciting. That Saint Joseph statue must have worked. Lol


  3. So very very happy!!! now we just have to wait until it's final, it will all be over soon!!! So So and Raya can play all the time now!!!!
    Grama F


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