Monday, August 29, 2011

And the photography master is....

Well my "loyal" readers, you have let me down!!! I must bow down to Lee, the photography master, and I'm none too happy about it! :-P
All of the outdoor pictures from the previous entry were taken by Lee, and all  the inside ones by me. Although the exact photo favorites varied, it was clear that in general Lee's photos were the winners! Raya's #1 was the clear favorite, with a sprinkling of votes for #2  and *my* #3. My #4 and #5 had one vote  each only I think (I personally  loved #5 :-P)

For Brielle the clear winner was  #3, followed distantly by #1 and then  #2. My #4 of Brielle did get a handful of votes---from the people with any sense of what  a truly good photo looks like! Apparently my whiteboard idea did not amuse. Apparently you have  no sense  of humor  ;-)

So Lee  holds the title for now, but I fully expect to re-challenge  him at a later date. See, I sort  of knew Lee had  this one in the bag when I posted the photos. I mean seriously Lee, you take the camera and girls  outside (and everyone knows outdoor pictures "win") and then  give the girls back to me at bedtime and with a dead camera. That's  very sneaky, but I"m on to you now. Next competition I get them first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess you all will just have to deal with  my  crappy picture taking today--I can't employ  Lee for every blog update!

But  let's just say he's not the only one who can stick a cute baby in some grass people...I mean, it's  the oldest trick in the book!

And see this cute owl hair clippie? To make just go to the scrapbooking section and buy
some foam stickers. I got a pack of different colored owl ones. Then stick them onto a peice of felt and cut them out
---that "backs" them so that the sticker back doesn't show--
then take an aligator hair clip and hot glue on some ribbon...then glue on the owl! :-)

Not really sure what was up with  Raya's "stink face" today LOL

....she's probably just mad that I lost  the photo competition. Me too Raya, me too.

Know which competition Lee will never win? The BEST MOM competition. I've got that one  in the bag :-)

Maybe because I let Raya bake cupcakes  at 9am...

What? Her favorite book  right now is "Pinkalicious", about eating too many pink  cupcakes. She declared *she* wanted to eat cupcakes too ("Raya likes cupcakes too  Mama!") and who am I to  argue with "the boss"?! :-P

I showed her  how Mama likes to eat the frosting with a spoon while we wait for them to cook...

Here she was jumping with  excitement because they were done cooking hehe

After she ate her cupcake she said  "TWO cupcakes Mama! TWOOOOOOOOOOOOO", I may be the best mom ever, but there is no way I'm letting her eat TWO cupcakes  before  lunch! :-P

And to end today, Raya and I really only have one thing to say to you "loyal" readers:

"MAMA SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"   


  1. Cute, Cute , Cute!!! Love Brielle in the grass and her owl clippie, also love Raya and the cupcakes, she looks really cute in that blue top.
    Love,Grama F

  2. oh mannnn! LOL. ok Lee wins BUT outside pictures and inside pictures are totally different. he def had the upper hand.


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