Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boys vs. Girls

Have you all check out the "crappy pictures" blog I recommended awhile back? If not you definitely  should! Her latest entry talks about the differences between boys and girls. Read it here: http://www.scarymommy.com/boys-vs-girls/

Up until recently Raya was still too little to really be "girlie" or not. She is just starting to develop her own interests and preferences. Lee likes to "battle" for her to be a tomboy, and she does enjoy playing outside with him, etc....although I think that has more to do with spending time with Daddy, rather than a general interest in any manly outdoor activities haha. I, it's no secret, am rooting for more of a girlie girl--or at least one who enjoys shopping and chick flicks, maybe some dance classes, and will spare me from having to attend too many sporting events haha. It remains to be seen whether Lee or I will get our wish with Miss Raya, but yesterday I had to smile when Raya, of her own accord, wanted to play dress up in last years halloween costume. She wants to get dressed herself and then proudly paraded around the house  being a "pretty fairy" haha. Girls are so much fun :-)

She even had pink painted nails and tootsies  that I had done earlier in the day at Grandmas. She loves to have her nails painted! It might be that she likes the attention in general, but she sits very still and then I blowdry them with the hair dryer and she loves it :-)

If  Raya end up ditching the frills and going for camo and boots with like Daddy I'll still love her the same though. ....plus, I have another baby girl coming up right behind her! hehe

Brielle *did* have a cute little brown bow in her hair, but today we had to get groceries (which I despise doing with 2 small  children, but our house in empty!). I got a cart with two seats and two little steering wheels and I hooked the girls in side by side to "drive" the cart. Needless to say they were adorable and I'm still kicking myself for not having a camera to take pictures! However, in true Brielle fashion she started SCREAMING about halfway through our shopping trip and there was no reasoning with her. I cut the trip short after 10 mintues of stares from other shoppers and quick tried to check out. During this time Raya kept trying to "hug" Brielle and tell her  to stop crying, which equated to Raya laying her body on Brielle and making her cry more LOL. Through all the craziness I didn't even pay attention to Brielle's hairbow (or lack there of) and when I got home and saw her bowless in her carseat I realized "shit"...our cute little (special order $5 bow for itsy bitsy amount of hair) was gone. So sad :-(

It didn't bother Brielle however, who returned to her happy, smiling self as soon as I stepped outside of HyVee. Seriously, this child truly hates shopping for groceries! Maybe when she's old enough to be bribed with cookies, which I opened in the store to give Raya, shopping  trips will be more relaxing :-)

In other news, Brielle continues to become more and more mobile  every day. I tried to sit her down for a picture this afternoon and I got about one second of cooperation...

...and then her constant movement began! The child no longer sits still. EVER.

Things usually go like  so---she starts to get wiggly

Then she flings herself to her belly

Then she quickly gets up on her hands and knees (she's getting really good at this lately)

And then she shoots me a look like "Yeah right, I'm never sitting still again!"

She mostly scoots backwards now. She pushes with her arms and it sends her backwards, and she is starting to get frustrated by this because she *wants* to go forwards! Today I've noticed that she's actually doing more picking up her arms and legs like you would to crawl though, so I don't think it'll be long now. I"m kinda dreading the crawling thing. No rest for the weary!

But she's so proud of herself--Good for you girl, get your crawl on if you must :-)

In Tot School news, first off I'd like to say that having watched the video numerous times now I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD. If your child already knows all the letters and sounds you should get the word factory movie, but otherwise the Letter Factory one is great for Raya. She really enjoys it and I actually find the little songs kinda catchy--it's not super annoying like some other shows (ahem, Caillou and Barney!)

When Raya gets up from her nap this afternoon we are going to start our letter "G" week. Our introduction activity (which I whipped up in my brain on the drive home from the grocery store --hey, groceries for letter G week! I totally planned that ;-)  ...anyways, our first activity is "painting" with Glue. I'm drawing a giant letter G on paper and letter her paint it with glue, and then I'm giving her tons of paper scraps that I cut up in tiny peices and she gets to "sprinkle" the G with the paper to make a (hopefully) pretty mosaic G picture for the fridge. We'll see how it goes!


  1. I feel ya, once they become mobile it gets harder to take cute pictures of them. But both your girls are adorable. Daddy is pushing for Kaylee to be a tomboy too!

    Sunday was the first time I've ever given Keira the Mum Mums. I waited so long cause she just now finally has 2 bottom teeth with 2 more that just broke through. But she does really well and doesn't gag. She'll be 9 months on the 29th.

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  2. Love that post!!! How true, just like when I put all the GI Joe weapons away, and Sawyer made a weapon out of a belt!!! It's just how those little brains work!!! I love Brielle tring to crawl!! She gets so frustrated when she thinks she is going forward when she actually goes backwards!!!
    Grama F


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