Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Sorry loyal readers, things are going to have to be short and sweet for awhile here in blog land. I'm so SWAMPED with Etsy orders it's crazy! I sold 5 things today alone....it was getting almost comical as I tried to schedule myself time to make all these order--but I guess busy is a good problem to have!

Speaking of Etsy, who here knows what an "angry bird" is? yeah, me neither LOL. I think it's some sort of game/character you play on your phone?? Anyways, someone ordered a custom angry bird Halloween costume from me and I just finished it. It's a onesie with the white angry bird face on it (they requested this exact image) and then a white tutu to go with--to be birdie feathers. Cute!

The listing for the item in my store is here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/79859009/white-angry-bird-inspired-shirt-or

Then we've also been busy around here with house crap...it never ends! We've got someone coming next week now to pump our septic and inspect it--and we're waiting to hear when the buyers are going to set up their house inspection. ...we have to get the house all ready so that when they set a date we're good to go!

And the girls of course are always keeping me busy too. Brielle is starting to get up on her hands and knees and act like she could take off crawling any time. This is all new to me b/c Raya never crawled...she was a butt scooter! But right now Brielle looks like she's going to be a crawler...she can scoot all around the kitchen now and get into trouble!


"Ok now, done crawling...pick me up!"


  1. thats awesome that your shop is doing so well! Idk who angry birds are either.

    Good job brielle...once they start crawling there's no more sitting down.


  2. I here people talk about that angry bird game, you'll probably be getting more requests for that shirt as halloween gets closer!!!I knew Brielle was getting close to crawling!
    Grama F


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