Thursday, August 25, 2011

Celebrating the death of "squeaky"

First things first, I've decided you know you're the mom of little ones when you tell time based on which show's theme song you hear come on the TV ("Oh, that's Word World, must be 10:30!") and you're even *more* of a mom if you find yourself singing along to the theme songs--with word for word perfection no less.

I'm most definitely  the mom of little ones ("....Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination, and when he's tall he's what we call a dinosaur sensation!")  Perfect.

In other news, "squeaky" died yesterday. Oh, haven't I introduced you to squeaky yet? Here:

Squeaky is the pair of shoes my parents bought for Raya second hand.  They were adorable little shoes and looked brand new (I have a feeling I know why they were never worn now!). My parents didn't know these shoes "squeaked" when they bought them, but after I deiscovered it I said "oh, I've heard about these shoes! They are supposed to be great when you go in public so that if your child runs out of your sight you can still hear them "squeak" with every step." So Raya put them on the first time and hopped around, thrilled with "squeaky", and then I put them in her closet for a day we would try them out.

That day was yesterday. I put the shoes on Raya and she is immediately thrilled with squeaky once  again. She proceeds to jump around the house, and run, chanting "SQUEE-KEY, SQUEE-KEY!!" over and over. At one  point she was saying "mama, I'm going backwards!" though squeaky wasn't annoying enough going forward :-P After about 2 minutes of squeaks I decided I no longer  thought the squeaky  shoes were a good idea! Still we decided to venture out as planned, b/c I had to take a well water sample in to be tested for our buyers.

Here is Raya running  around the house in the squeaky  shoes. God help me.

She even had to show Brielle the beloved shoes

So anyways, we arrive at the water place and I get Raya out of the van. SQUEAK! SQUEAK!....her  shoes  echoed throughout the entire parking  lot. When we got inside I thought  it was odd that ALL the employees were huddled at the front door. They then said "oh, it's her shoes! We thought a dog with a chew toy was coming or something!!"  (umm...these shoes may become a dog chew toy at this point ...)  Then, go figure, it was someone's 50th birthday at the water place, so 50 balloons  were tacked  to the ceiling...and Raya, loving balloons, proceeded to run and jump around pointing to As I tried to pay and such I could feel the eyes of all the employees from their desks. Let's just  say squeaky is not a soft little *squeak* with every step as I originally imagined, instead squeaky is a S.Q.U.E.A.K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We planned to go to the mall  play area since we were already in town so we headed there next. I thought  maybe  squeaky  would be less ear peircing in a large area like a mall. I was wrong.

Immediately we started getting stares in the parking lot. I  only had a single  stroller so Raya had to walk. Then inside a little old couple was walking the mall and when we first entered  they smiled and said "oh, how cute! Squeaky shoes!" but then we followed them and after about 1 minute of incessant squeaking they kept turning around to look at us like "when are you going to stop following us....please"

I  hightailed it to the play area and Raya  removed her  shoes. That is when squeaky died. I took my car key and stuck it into the squeaker and pulled out the plastic  squeaky peice. Ahhhhhh, silence at last. Squeaky can  still be inserted back into  the shoe to squeak it's little heart out, but I may convienently "lose" the squeakers before that happens :-P

And so it was that I celebrated the death of squeaky.

Sorry Raya, you have to learn about death sometime I guess.

And poor Brielle, she was the  innocent party during  the whole squeaky saga

And since we didn't get the big smiles during her professional  photoshoot, I decided to do my own  mini shoot yesterday to get the big grins Miss Brielle is known for :-)

"What? Somethings on my chin?"

"Oh, I have new shoes to wear Mama? Please, please, please don't let them be squeaky shoes...."

"Oh good, they're nice and quiet!"  ...and only cost $3 at Payless--even better :-)

That's it for today! :-) Be sure not to miss my 2 updates from yesterday--I've been posting a lot recently....I  must need "someone" to talk to LOL

Either that or I just feel wrong hoarding all this cuteness for myself :-)


  1. Sounds like you need to covertly put the squeakers in your mom's shoes. That'll teach them. :)

  2. I can't believe you would denie Raya the simple pleasure of her squeaky shoes!!!!!!!! In all fairness to me , I had no idea they squeaked until you told me, I just thought they were cute!!!! Love Brielles smile, thats my pretty little baby!!!
    Love, Grama F

  3. I totally agree about the cartoons coming on and knowing what time it is based on the cartoon and I too find myself singing along with kaylee to the theme song.

    I would have done the same thing with the squeaky shoe. hehe the girls are adorable. Brielle's shoes are to cute. I need to go find some shoes for Keira.

    Sweet N Sassy Girls


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