Friday, August 26, 2011

Dirty Mouth

The title of today's post refers to Miss Brielle, who I left yesterday with a bottle for a couple minutes while I got ready and came back to find the bottle discarded and her happily chewing on a dog bone!

Just now  I caught her licking the bottoms of Raya's shoe. Gross.

Today's tot school tidbit (which was actually from yesterday) is this game here:

Raya is *just* getting old enough to play some real "games"...just on the edge of being able to grasp the idea. I saw this fairly inexpensive game at Barnes and Noble a couple  weeks ago and picked it  up because it's a game about colors and shapes, which are the two things Raya has a pretty good grasp of! This game looks super fun, I can't wait to play it with her. But sadly I tried it out with her recently and she's still not quite able to play. I hadn't considered the fact that although she knows her shapes and how to match them, she can't really grasp the concept that real life objects are shapes (such as a pizza slice is a triangle and a balloon is an oval) the age range of 3-5 years on this game is about right. I think I'll pull it back out in the spring.

But for now though I invented a new game---the bingo chips come in 4 colors, so I give her two colors at a time and she matches them to the cardboard peice they came out of LOL...she loves this "game"!!!

Lastly, my girls tend to be pretty average when it comes to milestones, etc. but I've determined there is one area where they are both quite advanced--"gifted" even....FASHION!

I mean, you don't see your average baby going to the library in this get up now do you? But my girl's aren't your average fashionistas! The librarians just loved the argyle legwarmers...they said Brielle needs to come work at the library because she's dressing the part haha

Her and I disagree about how fashionable  hats are. I guess I should probably listen to her, the fashion pro, but I've told her many times that I think she is wrong about hats....they are totally in style! :-)

"Fine Mama, you win the hat battle"

"Hey Mama, help me out and let me know if that monster child sister of mine is coming for me!"

Love that double chin LOL

She  pulled her dress up on her own and thought it was hilarious haha....guess maybe that's the new fashion trend coming?

Silly girl

Miss Raya is also advance in the fashion department, although as her fashion designer I do take some credit ;-)

I officially GIVE UP on taking her picture though...seriously. I mean today (the little shit) knew I was wanting a picture and so what does she do? She drops to the floor and tells me she *needs* to count the nail heads on the floor strip. For real. She looked at me, gave me a dirty look, and then went "one, two, three..."

She's truly evil :-P

Finally, we are trying something new for my Etsy sewing. I'm continuing to get a steady flow of daily orders, and I just can't keep up by only sewing when the girls are asleep at night--I need sleep too! So I decided to bring my sewing machine upstairs to the kitchen table. Now when Raya is eating or playing with playdough , etc. I can sneak a few minutes of sewing in! It will be AWESOME once we get to the new house b/c the basement is all open so I'll have my sewing nook in one corner and still will be able to supervise the girls playing or watching TV and stuff. For now the kitchen table it is!

One last baby is officially the messiest baby ever. She  insists on wiping food all over herself! Good photo ops though ;-)


  1. hehe on the dog bone. I've caught Keira a few times licking the bottom of Kaylee's rain boots, those are her shoe of choice!
    Kaylee & Raya sound just alike when it comes to taking pictures...awww she makes me so frusterated when she looks really cute and I try to get a pic and she starts crying or runs off.
    love that hat, so cute!

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  2. Shawna, I totally agree about not being able to work only when they are sleeping. I'm begging for an iPad or a laptop for Christmas so that I can work on stuff while the boys are playing too. My workout hour is totally gone because it's my only time to work!

  3. I love all of the legwarmers! I think Kyla needs some :) I'm jealous of your sewing abilities. I want to learn how to sew so bad.



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