Wednesday, August 3, 2011

False Advertising

So as you all may  remember (from my post  around Xmas time, talking  about my brother and his gift giving) my brother likes to give "unique" gifts LOL. Well after Brielle was born he gave her a luxury baby spa bath. It took batteries and with having the house for sale etc. I just hadn't  gotten around to opening it until recently. But it looked like quite a contraption so I was excited to try it out.

I  mean, check  out the picture  on the box:

^^ A carefully laid out towel adorned with roses....clearly this bath provides a luxury lifestyle for babies! I was half expecting to see a toddler sitting in the tub holding a glass of wine and a romance novel ;-)

....instead the toddler appeared to be soaking in a sea of bubbles--i was jealous

And I was intrigued by the handheld shower contraption...

So I excitedly put in the $10 worth of batteries this bad boy required, assembled it, and filled  it with water. Here was where I encounted problem number 1. The direction clearly state "use  no more than one inch of water in the tub" inch? For real? Have you seen Raya's butt lately? One inch won't do it people.

Problem number 2...the handheld shower peice? yeah, I basically have to squeeze with all my might using 2 hands in order to get a little trickle out. Definitely not the easiest to do while holding slippery squirmy children.

And the third, and most concerning problem....this "luxurious" bath does indeed produce bubbling water. However it does *not* produce a tub full of relaxing bubbles, but instead one tiny stream of bubbles that you can only  feel if you press your body against the battery motor LOL. Total letdown.

The  best  part though? Both girls LOVE the stupid t hing! haha. Raya presses he toe against the "bubbles" and thinks she's living the high life. Brielle is amazed by the tiny stream of swirling water. I now have to pull out this giant pink bathtub and motor for every bath because they  can no longer live without the battery produced trickle of water. Thanks John! ;-)

World's most relaxing toe massage!

oooo, swirly water

And since I did one of these for Raya the other day...

Trying  to put on her own pants :-P

And lastly, we *did* get an offer on our house today (yay!)....but it was quite low (boo) we countered, then they countered, and now tomorrow we have to get back to them on what  we want to do. We are pretty close now and I would hate to lose these buyers, but at the same time we are cutting it very close ourselves and need to think about having enough money for a downpayment on a house we like in the new  location. Fingers crossed we can figure out what  we want to do and hopefully seal the deal tomorrow!!!


  1. Love,love,love the pink tub!!!!! I forgot about that, I hope John sees this blog, tooooo funny!
    Love the last pic of Brielle! Fingers crossed the house is sold!!!
    Grama F

  2. hehe love it!
    great bath pictures
    good luck, hope is sells!!!

  3. I LOVE the last picture of Brielle! It's great! LOL. Good luck! I hope this goes through at the right price!

  4. I get more bubbles out of my tub without any batteries or motors. Give those girls some apple juice and a hard boiled egg. Get that tub boiling!
    Good luck on the house!


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