Monday, August 8, 2011

Grandma's request.

When my mom brought Brielle up her new  outfits yesterday she left  with strict instructions that when Brielle wore the other outfits I was supposed to do photoshoots!

So Grandma, here ya go! Brielle loved her blue outfit and headband today!!! :-)

^^^^I"m happy to report that her spikey hair, from her newborn days, has made a comeback it seems!!! :-)  I just  love me some good hair volume LOL

"What's up everyone? Oh, not much here--just chillaxin' in my bumbo chair."

Grandma, you were right--this outfit  makes my eyes look nice and blue!

"Oh, what was Raya doing during my photoshoot with Mama? Being 2...and terrible."

And now in Tot School news, I have a cool website to share in case you haven't heard of it! It's Starfall, and it's awesome!   Lots and lots of free stuff (educational videos) to entertain your tot. You can also buy a subscription to access more stuff...that is $35 for a whole year, and I will probably do that once Raya is a little  older. I've read many other blogs that  say the 3-4 year age group can use the site independently and really enjoy it, so at that age it might be worth me buying a subscription--for now though the free stuff  is great!

Here was Raya last night watching her "movies" on Starfall

Then today we did an activity I got inspiration for on Pinterest! Yes, still addicted! LOL...and sorry if you are following me and I'm filling  up your homepage with all of my pins--I've been a pinning machine lately :-)

This activity I loved b/c  I had  everything on hand to do it, it wasn't messy, and Raya could do it independantly! It's chalkboard painting. Basically you can write letters or numbers or whatever on the chalkboard and then give your toddler/preschooler some water and a brush to "paint" over the chalk lines. It is great fine motor practice, prewriting practice etc. It was too difficult for Raya to do as intended, but she LOVED painting with water on the chalkboard, even if she *didn't* paint over my chalk lines. This is something we'll definitely be doing again--probably more suited to the 3 and 4 year old crowd.

And lastly, this was an activity I thought of myself---"stringing" apple jacks on a straw for snacktime!

This is also good fine motor practice. The only problem was that some of the apple jack holes were not big enough to fit on the straw, but she still loved the activity and just ate the ones that didn't work lol

Happy Monday!


  1. Keira has that same outfit and it makes her eyes really stand out too. Very cute Brielle! Love the tulle headband.

  2. i meant to comment on the other post (or was it fb?) that i love the little hair bows your mom got brielle. the outfits are pretty cute too.

    also the hat you crocheted for your friend is adorable on brielle. and the little skinny jean/leggings on raya are really cute and make her look like a teenager.

  3. Yeah, she got those headbands at JC Penny I guess! I think I'm going to start making some like that now haha.

    I was going to make Brielle a hat like that too, but now knowing she won't leave hats on I might wait LOL. I can't remember when Raya started leaving them on again...maybe I can make her a hat with earflaps and a tie :-P

    I'm not sure which skinny pants you mean for Raya...she doesn't have skinny jeans, but I wish her fat butt could fit in some!!! Do you mean the black leggings in the computer picture? If so those are black leggings from last xmas....we were out of pjs last night and I had to make do so I dug those out and they are kinda too small :-)

  4. Way to rock that outfit Brielle!!!! I knew you would be soooo pretty in it!!! Raya and her cereal, she would be happy if that was all she ever ate!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Oh... I meant the little fake Jean leggings you posted recently? Weren't there some like that? I thought these were those.

  6. Oh yeah, she has some fake jean leggings...I thought you meant something from this entry so I got confused haha.



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