Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heads will roll

I'm so mad about today. So the buyers  for our house had 10 days from Friday to get an inspection. Yesterday I was asking Lee (who asked our realtor) what the deal was because we hadn't heard anything about an inspection and we're supposed to get at least 24 hours notice, etc. Well both Lee and the realtor thought we shouldn't  say anything because maybe the buyers would "forget" to have an inspection done within the 10 days. I thought this was crazy and kept saying I wanted someone to contact the buyers to find out what was going on...but no one agreed with me. I just KNEW something was up because no one buys a house without an inspection.

Fast forward to today--house is a mess b/c we've been playing all morning, I've got fabric and etsy stuff everywhere, laundry all over because we are unpacking from coming home yesterday.....and at like 12:40pm today I get a phone call. My realtor's secretary says "did anyone tell you about the inspection today at 1:30?"  I'm like "uh, no" and she goes "oops, we were afraid of that...the inspector is on his  way"   SERIOUSLY, WTF people?! So basically I told her we wouldn't  be leaving b/c I had kids napping and I also told her the house wasn't in show condition. And then I had  to spend  my 2 hour naptime sitting here while an inspector man was all over my house.

I don't know who's fault this mixup was exactly, but heads are going to roll over it. Especially if the sale of the house falls through because we still had a couple things we were planning to do in the next day or so before inspection.

Anyways, it's done now and the buyers will supposedly get the inspection report tomorrow morning. Hopefully we hear from them sometime tomorrow about it. We know there are issues with the house, particularly the deck (needs to be replaced) and I know the inspector was unhappy with the deck too so  no doubt he will be telling the buyers it's a safety risk and they could die or something. Hopefully the buyers realized they already got a great deal on the house and don't go crazy asking for improvements to be made. They can put in some of their own sweat equity--it won't hurt 'em.

Fingers crossed I'm able to look back at today and laugh about it because the house is sold. Otherwise I  will forever be bringing this day up as a case when I was right and everyone else was wrong and not doing their  jobs.

Rant over.


  1. No doubt anyone would be upset about this!!!! Sorry you had such a horrible day!!
    Grama F

  2. I don't blame you, I would be mad too.
    Hopefully the inspection report goes well and they don't find to much to complain about

    good luck



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