Sunday, August 14, 2011

House hunting

Well, today we went on our first house hunting adventure when we can look more seriously at homes. We had three houses to see.

First up, the pricey house with upgrades galore and good location. This house was beautiful, but felt small and had many weird layout things we didn't like considering how expensive it was (master directly off the kitchen which I think is weird...bedrooms felt small....dining area felt small...unfinished basement)...this house we decided was a no go for us.

Second house, the outdated house right near my parents (2 minute drive basically). This house we actually ended up liking more than we thought we would. It's got TONS of updating projects to be done though--all new carpets, all new paint, counters, etc. The master has a non existent practically, tiny ass closet. The basement has a weird floor plan. The whole house feels kinda dark b/c it's in the woods. BUT the fact that it's so close to my parents makes us keep it on the short list.

HEre's an example of the outdatedness...the view from the kitchen towards the entryway/dining room

It had a very spacious laundry room I really liked though :-)

So for this house to be a winner we'd have to get it at a good price, have my parents babysit while we update it, etc. It's doable, but I"m not giddy over it. I"m giddy over the location, but the house looks like work to me.

Then the third house, aka. Shawna's winner :-) I love this house. The bummer? It's a good 15 minutes from my parents house. Close drive to work for Lee, but Lee isn't sure he wants to be that far from free babysitting and stuff. It's a great school district, but not the same one that my brother's kids go to. I'm totally wanting to make an offer on this house though, and if we got it for the right price I"d be willing to overlook the location....but we'll see.

The backyard of my favorite house:

THe view:

The kitchen is gorgeous--stainless steel appliances and tons of cabinets. the counter is an eat-in/bar height and then the dining area by the sliding door to the deck.

My favorite part of the house? We are so used to living in the woods and having a dark house (lots of trees equals little sunlight). The house near my parents is also in the woods. This house--it's so stinkin' bright. I just love all the sunlight

We'd spend most of our time downstairs in the walkout basement though. It's HUGE and the built ins and fireplace, with wet bar--well, it's all just to die for

So I'll keep you updated! We will need to talk things over this week and check with our relocation company about the timeline of things--and then if we decide to make an offer on something it would obviously be contingent on the sale of our home officially going through b/c we still have to get through inspection and stuff.

Thought I"d share! :-)


  1. Yeah, I'd say that third house is a winner! But I wouldn't underestimate your ability to turn a house into something you can love! Good luck either way!

  2. I'm just praying that this will all work out and everyone will be happy, and that my girls will all be home soooon!!!
    Grama F


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