Saturday, August 20, 2011

I like big bows and I can not lie

Yesterday I tried Raya's headband on Brielle. What was the speacial occassion you may ask? Well we went for a walk down the road!  What? You mean that "normal" moms don't dress their baby up in big satin headbands to go for a walk in the neighborhood?? Maybe that's why I got so many looks :-P

"Don't hate me because I"m beautiful..."

Getting ready to walk!

It was a nature walk :-)

Ok, so I"ll admit the girls' attire was a little over the top for a walk but hey, we don't get out much LOL. Plus, Brielle loved it!

What Brielle *didn't* love? Raya annoying the heck out of her

Brielle was "safe" again once Raya was distracted by Grandpa's work boots haha

Sorry my updates are a little random and unexciting lately--things are just crazy with the house selling/buying stuff to wrap up! The current AWESOME news? We have a *verbal* from our buyers that they are happy with the inspection and not asking for anything to be fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I say this a lot lately, but fingers crossed that when we get it in writing that's really what it says. If the inspection is really satisfactory we pretty much are home free on everything :-)

Last night Lee let me buy something for the new house. The girls will have their own bathroom in this house and I found the cutest shower curtain that I just had to have!

It's hard to see but it's a forrest of cute trees and then little owls and squirrels on it! I wanted to get something whimsical and kid friendly without being annoying and in your face "kiddie" decor, b/c this is also the full bath upstairs that guests will use too (unless they use the half bath in the laundry room). I think this will be perfect because it doesn't scream kids and also the colors are gender neutral so that is the 3rd kid is a boy he won't have to share a pink or flowery bathroom :-P

Here's a picture of the true colors...

We will probably paint the bathroom walls green to match. They are a blueish color right now which I actually kind of like, but lee doesn't.

Lee didn't let me get any matching accessories for the bathroom though--party pooper LOL. I will just have to get crafty to make stuff :-P

To end, I keep forgetting to share this picture. So last Sunday when we went house hunting and saw three houses....I told you all how house #1 we saw was very pretty but small and super expensive so we just weren't feeling it. But it was so funny b/c we were in the master bedroom and I heard Lee and the realtor start talking about a cat they saw. So picture me, leaning over the bed trying to look out the windows into the yard to see this cat they are talking about...and I start saying "I don't see a cat...." when all of a sudden I look down and see THIS on the master bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, it was a HAIRLESS CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All curled up in the bed hahaha. Scared the crap out of me.

My parents and Lee think it's adorable and want one. Lee looked them up online though and discovered they are very high maintainance....I think we're safe from getting one now :-P

Oh, and one more thing...yesterday an Etsy customer who had ordered a custom birthday shirt and hair clip from me sent me a picture of her little girl wearing her outfit for pictures. How cute is she?!

...and that is not polkadot fabric. I hand cut and appliqued every polkadot on there b/c she really wanted yellow with red polkadots to match her theme and so I created the custom "fabric" for her. I'm so nice :-)


  1. OMG!!!! I just can't imagine how Brielles professional pics can be any cuter than the ones with the big pink bow!!!!
    Grama F

  2. I love the big pink bow on Brielle. That cat looks gross :p

  3. love the BIG bow!
    hairless cats are wierd looking to me!
    have a good weekend

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  4. my kids get super dressed up for walks too. HAHA. clearly we don't get out much either ;) but going for walks when they're dressed cute makes for perfect picture ops right?!


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