Friday, August 5, 2011

If I had a week off.

Today I've found myself dreaming about all the things I would like to accomplish if I could take a week's vacation! I know what  many of you are thinking--"she doesn't work, what is she talking about?!"...and yes, I was the same way before I quit my job. I had lots of grand plans for everything I'd be able to accomplish. But then I quickly realized that a "productive" day as a SAHM is defined by taking a shower and making dinner, and everything else is just  a bonus haha. I usually get *maybe* one hour in the afternoon when the girls' naps overlap, and that is when I try to blog, shower, and pick up the house. So my to-do list just  keeps growing and growing! Plus, I've said many times that I'm a stay-at-home MOM, not a stay-at-home when the girls are awake we play and do activities geared towards them.

So here is my grand "wish list" of activities that I  would love to do on my hypothetical week off :-)

1) Get a haircut
2) Organize my sewing room (it looks like a bomb went off in there!)
3) Find time to make some clothes for my own kids for this winter--not just Etsy sales
4) Watch a movie--not a cartoon
5) Thin out the girls' wardrobes and ebay some of it (I'm saving most everything in case our last baby is another girl, but even if that is the case we still have way too many clothes we've accumulated--I want to thin out the "junkier" stuff)
6) Blog to book (I've gotten my blog--through Raya at 9 months old) turned into a book and printed off (I use the Blurb program in case you're wondering)....but Raya is 2 now---that means I have TONS of blog still to turn into books!)
7) Sleep in past 7am and take a shower longer than 10 minutes
8) Actually plan out a shopping list and make a big  grocery run
9) Plan some new tot school activities and get out my laminator again
10) Go shopping in a store with "breakables"...such as Pier 1....and do some window shopping for our future new home

But alas, no week  long vacation in sight for me! For now that will all have to wait while I "work" at being a super cool Mama :-)

They have the same eyelashes and cheeks :-)

And now, on a completely different note, here are some more pictures from the last two days---interspersed with random tidbits of info I've been meaning to share haha

This picture perfectly captures my girls--one super smiley baby, and one toddler who's shoving her face full of food :-P

Poor Brielle--she's such a good sport

Raya has been telling me "No Mama! Go away!" a lot lately. Oh boy.

Good thing she's cute...those big eyes and perfect little lips!

Because of her cold Raya's been having a lot of boogers lately, and she likes to wipe them on people LOL. Last night she had a booger and Lee told her to go get some toilet paper to wipe it. She came back with a tiny peice of toilet paper and all was good....or so we thought! Later when I went into the bathroom I  saw this:

...and the best part was that although she unrolled an entire roll onto the floor, she only ripped off the teeny tiniest peice of toilet paper to actually wipe her nose

^^It looks like a little mouse nibble off a peice, rather than Raya !

Goofy girl...

"Hmmmm, how can I get into trouble  today I wonder?"

"oh, I know a way!"

Her newest way of causing trouble??? Well yesterday she was in her chair painting. I looked over at her and thought I saw her lick the paintbrush, so I said "Raya! Are you licking paint?!" and she said "noooooooo"....and then I saw that her tongue was colored LOL Stinkin' loser girl :-)

Brielle probably  has the worst wake up call  of anyone on the planet. Poor thing wakes up to this:

"Seriously Mama, her again?"

So way back when I ordered something on ebay and they included these shoes as like a freebie. They made me chuckle b/c an infant wearing crocs doesn't seem to practical to me haha....but we decided to try them out today when we went to the park and library.

Brielle was quite confused by her shoes...

But then she decided she kinda  liked  them!

Is it normal for a 6 month old to clap? Because Brielle has started clapping recently and it's super cute, but I don't remember Raya doing that until  much later!

Raya *knows* when I'm trying to do something like take Brielle's picture--I mean, look at the "look" Raya is giving me here, after she has climbed up and started walking deliberately in front of Brielle to block her from my camera!

And lastly, we went to the library to prepare for F week for Tot School next week. We got some books on "friends" and the "farm"....and today as a little intro we pulled out this "foot" activity--Raya fills the dropper with water and squirts it to fill up the little wells on this foot bath math. She had lots of fun with it, and it's great fine motor practice! (This activity came from that etsy shop, Time for Tots, that I mentioned awhile back. As I said then, I think  this shop has awesome stuff--you should totally check it out! I can't really justify buying any more kits since I'm not working --limited funds and theoretically time to put similiar things together myself--but for a working parent who has some extra cash and limited time these learning kits are great, and kids love them! Check out the Etsy shop here: )


  1. I have a list like that if I had a week off too. But like you said it will be away before mine gets done as well.
    Those are the smallest crocs I've ever seen, so cute. Keira started clapping right when she turned 7 months.
    Love the picture where it looks likes Raya has Brielle in a head lock...LOL

  2. I think Grandma F should come to the rescue to help you accomplish at least a couple things on that list. ;)

  3. She *is* coming up on Sunday! :-)


  4. Grama F to the rescue!!!!!! Just think once you guys get moved back here I can take the girls all the time!!! Love Brielles look on her face as Raya is reaching in her crib!!! Love the little pink crocs, do they stay on?
    Grama F

  5. Yeah, they stay on great! Since they are kinda like foam they sort of suction cup to her sweaty feet LOL



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