Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Magic 8 ball

When you ask Raya questions she reminds me of a magic 8 ball haha. Short, to the point responses that often don't make sense, but  if you read into them enough you can start to think she's really on to something :-P

So today I decided to "interview" her for you all. Consider this  Raya's first official meet and greet--from the mouths of babes ;-)

Mama: Let's start with your favorites...what's your favorite book?
Raya: Barney
Mama: What's your favorite color?
Raya: Papa
Mama: No, your favorite COLOR. You like blue right?
Raya: No, pink.
Mama: What's your favorite toy?
Raya: So So (Sawyer)
Mama: Ok, I'll give you that one.
Raya: I  want So So hook shoes Mama
Mama: You wanted Sawyer  to hook  your shoes for you? He can't right now, he's sleeping (which is what I tell her whenever she asks for Sawyer and he's not around haha)
Mama: What's your favorite, chips or candy?
Raya: Candy
Mama: Do you like Caillou or Barney better?
Raya: No, I like Griffy (our dog Griffin)
Mama: Let's play the favorite game. Who's your favorite, Mama or Daddy?
Raya: Mama Dadda
Mama: No, which one is your favorite?
Raya: Mama
Mama: Who's your favorite, Grandma or Papa?
Raya: Papa
Mama: Harper or Sawyer?
Raya: Harper
Mama: Gunner or Griffin?
Raya: Gunner
Mama: How about where do you want to go on vacation this year?
Raya: To wa-wa with So So (to play in the water with Sawyer)
Mama: What would you like to do today?
Raya: hmmmmm, ruff ruff! (barking)
Mama: What do you want to do with the puppies?
Raya: I walk them on ground
Mama: Last question for today, what do you want to eat for lunch?
Raya: Cereal
Mama: No, we don't eat cereal for lunch. What else would you like?
Raya: fish. I catch fish with Dada and eat
Mama: haha....ok, you can ask Daddy about fishing later tonight.
Raya: Yay!

Does your head hurt yet??? She's quite the character :-P

Walking her imaginary dog....

I'm glad Brielle can't give interviews yet, because if she's anything like her sister I will get quite the ear full between the two of them!

Brielle is already starting to get Raya's bad attitude about pictures! (by the way, professional pics are rescheduled for next Wednesday)

On another completely off topic note, we have been informed that we are getting an offer on our house tomorrow. Supposedly buyers have an appointment to write up an offer for us tomorrow---we'll see if it actually happens, but fingers crossed!

I think my brain still hurts from that interview...I can't think straight or write a coherant entry today LOL. Anyways, to end here is Raya being naughty and ignoring my directions to leave the lights alone

...and then absolutely heartbroken when I scold her...


  1. great interview Raya. I might have to steal this and do it with Kaylee! It makes for good laughs!!
    Thanks for the great questions =)
    Brielle is just to cute and I love Raya's outfit

  2. Love the interview!!!! Sooooo Raya!!!! I'm going to pray all night that the house will be sold!!!!!!
    Grama F


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