Monday, August 22, 2011

My picture P.S.

Here ya go--some pictures after my lame pictureless update earlier!

My girl loves shoes :-P

She loves the fridge toy at Grandma's too!

And check out the adorable matching outfits my mom bought the girls! (Don't you love how I take her out for *her* birthday and she ends up buying my kids stuff? LOL) We're going to have the girls wear these for Thanksgiving I think--so stinkin' cute!

Thanks Grandma!

And lastly, some sister pictures, since we haven't done those in awhile :-)

...and then Raya was naughty and pushed Brielle, so she got sent to timeout...

And Brielle was all like "what the hell just happened to me?!"

Miss Raya, year 3 is going to be a very long year I think LOL

Want a house update? Things seem to be moving along nicely! Our buyers have an appraiser coming on Thursday which means they are securing their financing with a bank....we are almost home free now! Lee is currently trying to set up our inspection on the new home, and we tried to secure our financing today but go figure, the interest rates went up today. We couldn't lock in on Saturday when they were under 4% b/c we were more than 60 days out from closing (just barely) so we called today to lock in our rate (since now we *aren't* more than 60 days out) and now the interest rate is like 4.125 or Lee's taking a gamble that they will hopefully go down again in a couple days --let's hope they don't keep going up haha

I'll be starting up Tot School again tomorrow--check back :-)


  1. brielle's hair looks like its getting darker. Kaylee's into pushing Keira over too. She did it the other day and Keira hit her head on the hardwood floor, she got put in time out too!

    That's great about the house stuff!

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  2. I can't wait to see those outfits on the girls!!!! Sooo cute!
    Grama F

  3. Graham hit Cael over the head with a wooden train bridge the other day, so don't feel too bad. Brielle will get her revenge eventually!


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