Saturday, August 6, 2011

A new addiction-- Pinterest

Yes, I'm behind the times. I've been hearing about Pinterest EVERYWHERE for weeks now, and just hadn't been motivated  to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. But yesterday I took  a look  and now I"m officially hooked!!!  (No idea what  Pinterest is? Here's a brief description: )

So anyways, Pinterest has been the perfect way for me to save "inspiration" photos for things I want to do with Tot School, decorating ideas for the new house, etc. etc. I basically killed  a couple hours last night "pinning" things fun, and I found lots of cool ideas!!!

If you want to see my Pinterest boards you can find me here:   Feel free to follow me if you like the same things as me :-)

Here are some of my recent finds :-)

I really really want  shelves like this in the playroom at our next house! I love how these fill the entire wall!!

I'm hoping my dad will help with these because if Lee does it they likely won't be straight haha--he's not very detail oriented :-P

I would love a whole wall of them like above, but I want them to be "rain gutter shelves" as shown here--how cute is that?! And everyone says they are easy and cheap to do. The benefit of shelves like this is that they encourage young readers b/c kids can see all the fronts of their picture books, as opposed to just the book spines on a shelf. So they are more likely to grab them and read. Just like we are all more likely to work in an organized and clean work space, kids are more likely to want to learn in an organized play space!

This room is awesome...look at those rain gutter shelves!! And they have similiar colors to our fun playroom as well :-)

For xmas I'd love my dad (hint hint) to build Raya a dress up center kinda like these here. Last year he built Sawyer a cute puppet theatre--I think my girls would love dress up! These dress up stand to buy online run over $200 ...I'm sure something similiar could be built for cheaper

Love this one, but it'd probably be more complicated to build with the shelves/drawers

Here is some wall art that I'd love to make for the girls' room---maybe in pastel/flowery papers to go with the shabby chic theme?! :-)

Also LOVE LOVE LOVE this alphabet wall!!

And these fabric embroidery hoops would be easy to make!

I adore the shabby chic finish on this furniture!!! I had thought  I'd do white distressed furniture, but an accent peice in pink like this might be cool too!

From Pinterest I've also gotten some awesome organizational ideas too! I'm lusting over this fabric storage---I wouldn't have to dig for 30 minutes through rubbermaid containers to find the fabric I"m looking for!

I need ribbon storage like crazy too--mine is all knotted up in bags and a huge mess. How easy would this be to do?!

I've also gotten some great craft ideas---and I love this that I found. This lady, instead of saving all her son's drawings and crafts etc (which will take over your house!!) she took photos of his drawings and then made collages of them to display. What a neat idea!!! And takes up way less space than boxes of drawings

I also "pinned" some ideas for Montessori shelves....because I'd love to incorporate those in our next house. The concept is that by having shelves and boxes/trays of activities on them kids will explore and learn kind of on their own....and like the idea behind the book shelves, the montessori shelves encourage children to learn and play because they can actually see each activity and it's all ready to go--they just take the tray or box to the table and begin working! You rotate the activities weekly usually, to prevent boredom---and most of that activity trays you can create using random crap from your house :-) I  love this idea because Raya loves to do activities like this....I just have held off doing this exact system because I'm not sure she's old enough to keep the activities separated and put back each time (rather than a giant pile of stuff on the floor!! haha).

Here's an example

So that's what I've been up to!! Check out Pinterest for yourself....but don't  say I didn't warn's addicting!!!! :-)


  1. It's addicting isn't it!? I've found some great ideas on there. Who ever invented this website was a genius! I've found some great ideas for decorating our house that we buy

    great pins

  2. p.s. thank you for the sweet comment. I love that tounge picture too. I want to get her another pair of those shoes and put little rhinestones on the white part with ribbon as the shoe laces.

  3. I need to check this out! I love everything you pinned!



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