Thursday, August 11, 2011

Note to self

This stupid step is one part of this house that I will *not* be sad to say bye to when we move.

Our house is  your basic walkout ranch. I  use the term "ranch" loosely though, because for some reason the designer felt the burning desire to make sure  the kitchen/dining room at the far end of our home was exactly one step beneath the rest of the house. Stupid.

To my surprise no one complained  about  this while the house was for sale. And to be honest when we bought the house we didn't think much of it either. I mean, we are young and little step wasn't going to kill us and it sort of added a little character to the house :-) ....well, that's what I thought *before* I had children.

Then the step became my enemy. ^^^^See how wide the opening of the step is? And the banister?  Well it's basically impossible to babyproof that opening! With Raya we put a stand along plastic gate across the opening and then had to step over  the gate every.single.time. we wanted to leave the living room and go to the kitchen. Annoying! I  was so glad  when Raya  figured out how to go up and down that step on her own and we were free again!

I've put off babyproofing that stupid step for Brielle  because we're (hopefully!) moving. So this  morning, like all mornings, I had Brielle  playing on the playmat in the living room while I used the computer and we both woke up for the day.

Imagine my shock and surprise (and horror!) when I looked up from my computer to see THIS:

HOW DID SHE DO THAT!?!?!?!?!  I mean, the child can roll over  and  scoot backwards, but she  has never never never done that amount of moving and maneuvering! (Don't  worry, I  put my foot behind her while  I took the picture...I just  couldn't pass up this photo opportunity!)

She was liike a little monkey baby, just hanging on to that step and enjoying the view LOL

This house move can not come soon enough!

So there you have it---Brielle's brush with danger, Mama's heart attack! Needless to say Brielle will now be playing on the far end of the living room, away from the "cliff"!

** Be sure to stop by later tonight for Brielle's 7 month post--don't miss sock monkey!!! :-)


  1. OH my Gosh!!!! How did she do that???? She is going to be a little climber!!!!!! I better get my baby gates ready!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Our house has three exposed steps at the bottom of our staircase, and it drives me crazy! I basically have to decide if I'd rather them fall down three steps or off the side and straight down to the floor. Everyone is safe with it now until Harper comes back. John and Emily wouldn't mind if Harper got a spinal cord injury, right? ;)

  3. Little stinker! Sam had major danger! About the "tooth" that was coming in in an odd spot, I wanted a better lookat it so I took her to the kitchen and laid her on the table and instantly supper boiled over. Adam cursed, so I turned and looked at him without thinking and she face planted off the table! I was horrified and gace myself the "worst mom of the year" award. Thank goodness she was just fine. She did suffer a small purple bruise on her cheek though :(. HORRIBLE MOM = ME!! Maybe this will make her brush with danger not so bad!

  4. Keira has just discovered our stairs that go upstairs and is trying to do the same thing. The baby gate has been put up, we don't need any accidents.

    Cant wait to see her 7 month post

  5. Do I see cherries on her sleeper??????


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