Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One year down.

So one of my friends is working at my old  job and their first day of work was today, which got me to thinking....I'm starting year  two of staying at home!! Wow, it does *not* seem like I"ve been staying home for one whole school year already. I can honestly say that I don't have any desire to go back to my old job. Yes, I do miss the adult  interaction and the money, but that's pretty much it. (And  I'm really hoping that  once we get settled in our new home I will have more adults to socialize with! haha. Seriously, I think I might be the only  person in this town who's a SAHM. I've tried going to our library for the toddler playgroup and no one is ever there :-P)

I've also been thinking a little  about what  I might like  to do when I *do* go back to work. Right now the plan is that we will  have one more child and when he/she is about 2 years old I will return to work. At that  point I can either A) go back  to being a school psychologist--which means decent money and summers off, but  lots of work headaches and the fact that I don't enjoy the job....or B) Try to find something different outside the home, like maybe working at a group home for troubled kids (I did this back in college and it was my favorite  job ever)--problem is that there aren't really high paying gigs at places like that and it'd probably be silly for me to work a job so "beneath" me pay wise....or C) come up with a paying gig I can do from home. Right now I would love, love, love to do option C!!! I have had a taste of being home and "Self employeed" and I just  don't know how I"ll ever go back to "working for the man" haha. However, my Etsy shop would have to seriously take off (unlikely) for me to make enough money doing that full time. Another  option I've tossed around is doing some type of daycare, but we all remember how that went when I watched the twins for 6 weeks LOL. However I've been thinking that if I could do daycare and be very picky (only watch teachers' kids so I still have my summer's off, only watch kids age 1-4 so that we can still do fieldtips and I can do preschool type activities etc) then I might enjoy that  I think. I've been having so much fun planning activities for Raya and I love being a "teacher". That's one of the reasons I wanted to do school psychology, because I really thought I'd get to do more "teachery" type things, but alas you don't. I would never want to go back to school to become an elementary teacher though b/c I don't like the politics of working in public schools--it would take the fun out of it for me. But planning my own activities and running my own little inhome preschool/daycare sounds really fun to me right now!!! I've figured out that  a lot of the reasons why I didn't always enjoy watching the twins was because I wasn't prepared or set up for daycare AT.ALL. at that time. And also at the time I thought that I would rather stay home with just my kids, rather than have to do daycare...but if the choice is between working outside the home and doing some type of daycare I think daycare sounds great again lol. We'll see....tossing ideas around and I have awhile to think still!!!!

We've certainly got a good start on the toys required for a preschool/daycare though---here we were this morning playing bubbles  in the playroom. Raya LOVES bubbles!

So super fun :-)

I  wish  Raya was  more cooperative  for pictures!

So today's Tot School activity was an idea I got from my good friend Pinterest hehe :-) I took colored popsicle sticks and traced them onto paper plates to create basic shapes--then colored in my outlines....and viola! Homemade puzzles, as well as a color matching game :-)

Raya seemed to enjoy the activity, but true to being 2 she only maintained attention for about 5 minutes :-)

Lastly, today Brielle wore the third and final  new outfit from Grandma! I decided to have her wear a different headband though, so as not to repeat the tulle headbands 3 days in a row. She looked adorable...thanks Grandma!

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

"Oh yeah, of course it's me!"

"See ya tomorrow for more cuteness! I'll try to get Mama to keep her  rambling to a minimum. I have my 6 month professional  pics tomorrow too!

And hey, you there....have you started following my Mama's blog yet? NO!?! Well go do it right now!! All the cool kids are doing it..."



  1. hehe.
    I would love to figure out a job that I could do from home as well, so I'm always with the girls and doing something that I like. I thought about doing day care as well. Only watching like 3-4 kids around the same age as my kids. We'll have to see.

    Kaylee loves bubbles too. Good luck with Brielle's pics tomorrow, I'm sure they will be super CUTE!

  2. I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been a loyal reader every day since (and yes, I am officially a follower now). I've been wanting to start my own blog for awhile now and reading yours has given me motivation to actually do it. I wrote my first post last night and I linked your blog on mine so hopefully it will bring you a few more readers. I'm sure my family will be the only ones reading for now though :) Anyway, just wanted to say I love your blog and thanks for the motivation!


  3. Mirror mirror on the wall, we all know who the cutest is of all, BRIELLE!!!!!!!! Love her pics, can't wait to see her 6 month pics!!!!
    Grama F

  4. I knew I saw this rug somewhere! Thanks, I'm going to check Walmart today and maybe put one on our Christmas list :)



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