Sunday, August 28, 2011

Operation "Clean Closet"

Ok, so as our move gets closer and closer (no date set yet  by the way, but all systems are a go now, so we'll be scheduling with the movers soon! We are even in talks with the sellers of our new home to see if we can move the close date up on the new house--maybe early Oct. rather than the end of Oct. :-) .....but anyways, as the move gets closer I start to panic more and more about all the junk in our house!!!
First off, thankfully the relo company through Lee's work  is paying for movers to pack us, store the stuff up to a month, and move us into the new house. That is AWESOME! However I've never had real movers before, so the idea of them packing my stuff up is a little intimidating....but I guess  at least *I* don't have to do it. Still, I don't  want the movers to pack up and move boxes of junk--clearly they aren't  going  to sort it all out for us (although I wish they would LOL) so this weekend I told Lee I wanted to take a bunch of stuff to Goodwill and trash a bunch as well. I need to declutter my life!!!!!!!

Here's the thing though, I HATE clutter. I'm someone who, if given a shelf in my house, will choose one nice  frame to sit on it....that's it. I don't like having a shelf that  is covered in frames, trinkets, knick-nacks, etc. etc. For one, who the hell wants to dust around all that? And two, I like things to be visually "clean" and if I'm going to decorate my house with something I want it to be a larger "statement" peice rather than a shelf of doo-dads :-) So clutter, in the truest sense of the word people, is NOT my problem.

Here is my problem:

That my friends, is my craft/sewing room. Yes. Need to go rinse the horror of that sight from your eyes? No problem, I'll wait here.

At this point I feel the need to show pictures  of what the rest of my home looks like. Please don't call CPS...the children are not lost in the mess above. They are playing in the rest of our home, which (most days) is a pretty clean space!

But the sewing room....Oh goodness....*that* is my trouble spot. Here's what happened. When we moved in to this house we needed a "misc." room. You know, like the junk drawer everyone has in their  house, we needed an entire room to place all the odds and ends that didn't really belong anywhere else. This room was that  place. At the time we moved in I also wasn't quite done with graduate school--still finishing my thesis--so I had tons and tons of articles, papers, books, etc. related to that, which I didn't want to throw away until  I graduated just in case I needed them for some reason. All that went  in this room as well. Then there was all the craft stuff. Scrapbooking, crochet, and now sewing ---all  piled in this room. And lastly, I'm a repurposing addict. My crafty self sees an old corkboard and has visions of recovering it in fabric to make a photoboard....or I see an old mirror and want to paint  it and turn it into a statement peice. So this room also began to collect all the junky things that I *planned* to repurpose. Follow me so far?

Then came marriage, then a baby carriage....and another :-P At this point things continue going into the room....nothing however comes out!

And so that is how this horror came to be. How embarassing!

So yesterday I worked and worked on the closet in this room. I found  things  in there I haven't seen in years! After much hard work the closet now  looks like this:

I didn't think to take a before photo, but it was pretty much packed full floor to ceiling LOL. Now it simply houses my scrapbooks and photoalbums for the most part (which although I still love scrapbooking, I'm glad I got into blogging because scrapbooks and picture albums take up a lot of space!)

Ok mover men, have at least  I won't have to hide my face in shame when you come to pack  this closet up now :-)

The rest of the room though? Um, still a complete mess! I just don't know what  to do with  everything you guys! I have tons of fabric, felt, tshirts and onesies, ribbon, thread, yarn, buttons, etc. etc...not to mention all the "supplies" like rotary cutter, tranfer paper, iron, and about 1000 other things.

In the new house  I will have a huge space in the corner of the downstairs  family room, so I definitely  have plenty of room to work with. However Lee is slightly panicked about me sharing his downstairs space because he obviously doesn't want it to look like what it does now!!!

I look online sometimes for "inspiration" sewing room spaces and have come across some gorgeous rooms, like these:

Clearly I can't afford to go all  out like those though. At the same time I'd prefer not to have the space be a collection of odds and ends containers, because it *is* out in the open downstairs at the new house and I want it to look nice.

Right now I'm hoping that maybe eventually I'll  be lucky enough to get a little space more like this one (without the pink walls of course---don't think that will  go with the "lodge" decor Lee has planned in the downstairs family room LOL):

So we'll see. I do know though that I vow, here in front of you all, that the new house will not have a "misc." room, and I am going to be better about throwing crap away when it's never being used!!!!!!!!!

How about ending with some "cute", you know to help combat all the mess you just had to look at :-)

Brielle, clean up your toys...little miss toy hoarder :-)

Both my girls have loved this vibrating teething toy haha
Finally, thanks to all who have voted in the photo contest! (Check out my previous entry if you don't know what  I'm talking about haha). I also posted our contest on my little baby forum for January 2011 babies and got like 20 some votes over there tomorrow I'll compile all the votes and let you know which photos came out on top! :-P

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  1. The problem s you are just sooo talented that you have soooo many interests!!! Those organized spaces look great, maybe you can slowly add to your shelving etc. Love,
    Grama F


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