Sunday, August 21, 2011

Please forgive me...

...for I am too tired to update tonight!!!

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday so today Brielle and I took her shopping, while Raya had a daddy/daughter day. Lee apparently went to John's and they decided it'd be good for Raya, who's never slept in anything besides a crib, to try sleeping in a big bed--SAWYER'S big bed no less-- with Sawyer in it. I guess they played and goofed around (go figure) and then finally fell asleep, but Raya woke up right away and Sawyer was sleeping, so she proceeded to BITE HIM to wake him up. THe poor kid was covered in bite marks, and I wouldn't have believed it myself if Lee hadn't have taken pictures LOL. Sawyer told me on the phone "she was just trying to wake me up"....I guess it didn't hurt him too bad, but sure left marks all over him!!!

Other than that I've been working in a sweatshop in my parents' basement. These Etsy orders just will. not. stop!!!!! I got quite a few orders done this weekend, but still have about 10 left's been quite awhile since I haven't had at least 1-2 orders in a day....things are very steady!

Here are a couple things I"ve been working on...

This is the birthday shirt I made Harper, to go with her tutu:

Someone contacted me wanting a cookie birthday shirt so I made this for her (she wanted pink and brown color scheme)

I've been up to my ears in football fans are gearing up! You can see the last photo in this listing is an example of how I"m customizing them to match different sports teams for people

The camo deer shirts are also flying off the shelves as hunting season approaches...and all my caterpillar shirts continue to be good sellers as well--lots of hungry caterpillar birthday themes!

I promise to update tomorrow "for real" and share some pictures. ...stay tuned!!


  1. I love!!!!!! the kitty shirt, sooooo cute! I can just picture puppies, lions, turtles all animal themes, great idea!!!!! Football shirts are great because dads will pay for their little boys or girls, to be dressed in their team colors!!!! Great job on your store,. Soon you'll be moved back here and things will settle down, and I'll be closer to watch the girls when you get swamped with orders!!!
    Grama F

  2. I love that kitty shirt, so adorable! the cookie one is cute too. great job, I wish I knew how to sew.

    Happy Birthday to your mom!


  3. haha i wanna see the pictures of sawyer with all his bites! poor guy, and poor raya, apparently she was bored haha.

    cute kitty shirt, i like those polka dots a lot.


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