Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raya's New Do

Remember back  in the spring  when I gave Raya her first haircut? Well, today I just had one of those moments again where I couldn't stand her straggly toddler hair for one second longer! So Lee will probably kill me (he likes her hair long) but I just had to cut Raya's hair again...I couldn't help myself!

Here's the before and after comparison....It's awfully short, but oh so healthy looking. Ahhhhh.

I  had her sit in the bumbo seat again with a sucker....she was a lot more wiggly this time compare to last  time (or should  I say naughty---she's just plain naughty anymore!) but I managed to get it done and it looks decently straight least not a hack  job

She wasnt' cooperating for pictures so I"ll  try some more tomorrow.

Brielle was being cute for me though. (And Miss Brielle can now get from her  belly into the sitting position, so she is getting into  everything by doing a series of scoots, belly "flops", then up to her  butt again....inchworming all over my house!)

In other news, I will soon be a pro at all things "angry bird"....I had another custom request for Halloween, this time for the "green pig". The lady sent me this photo:

....and wanted it on a onesie for her son.

I came up with this:

The  lady was happy with  it, so that's always good haha.

Today we did some art projects. We have Lee's family reunion coming up so I thought Raya could give out some artistic peices haha. She painted a paper plate and I turned that artwork into this:

Both ideas came from Pinterest. If you haven't  gotten addicted to Pinterest yet, count yourself lucky haha. I can't get enough of it!

Here are some other of my recent "finds"

This this vintage outfit for pictures...

Also LOVE this outfit...wish I could g et it  for Raya but  I"m sure it's all very expensive

I definitely need to get this sign for my new kitchen LOL

I can only  dream of getting a sibling pose this cute some day!

LOVE the way these shelves and picture boards wrap around the corner...

Lastly, I'm definitely starting this Xmas tradition this year. Wrap up 25 Christmas books (ones you have already, some new) and then every night let the kids open one of the books to read as a family that night. LOVE THIS. Half the fun of xmas is opening the presents and even "old" books will seem new after not seeing them in a year and having them wrapped up. Don't have 25 xmas books though so I need to start scoping out the used bookstore!

That's all for today!


  1. You're just a jack of all trades I tell ya! Her hair looks adorable! And that first picture of Brielle is beautiful and I love the outfit. She could be a model for whoever made that! Seriously! I love the Christmas book idea too!


  2. Love Raya's new hair cut. Kaylee would not sit still at all even with a sucker! I agree that first picture of Brielle is adorable!

    I think we might do that christmas book idea too.


  3. Thanks! Guess I missed my chance to enter *that* photo of Brielle into our competition LOL


  4. Love Rayas haircut!!!!! What did Lee think?
    Grama F

  5. Lee HATES it! LOL....oh well, he's outnumbered because everyone else loves it. He says she looks like a boy (dramatic much? :-P)


  6. Raya's haircut looks amazing! Don't doubt your skills... she looks beautiful! (Not that she didn't before...)


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