Saturday, August 13, 2011

Small town fun

It's my hometown's little street festival this weekend. Good old small town living at it's finest :-) Well last night we went downtown and rode the little carnival rides--Raya's very first time doing anything like that! She was finally old enough to ride some real rides and she had a blast!!

Sadly I didn't bring my camera. I know...I"m still mad at myself. She rode a little train ride with Sawyer and then went on the horse carousel (How the heck do you spell that?! ;-P) ....during the horse ride Sawyer looked over at Raya and said "I was hoping Raya would come tonight"  ---awwwwwwww. Then they rode this cool thing where they had a big water pool set up that kids could ride these bumper boats--Raya bumped away with a slightly terrified look on her face LOL. We ended the night with a funnel cake for Mama--yum!

Then this morning we went to the parade and my oh my, Raya was in heaven people! I *did* remember my camera this time.

First we had to make sure we looked cute, so as to catch the eye of all the candy throwers ;-)

^^I found these headbands at Children's Place for $ stinkin' cute

Here was Raya marching around chanting "I catch candy!" as we were getting ready to go :-)

It was very sunny today so we had trouble with pictures--lots of "Squinty" looks
Here we were waiting for the parade to start! We found a nice shady spot with no other kids...Raya had her bag ready and her cute, bright outfit stood out perfectly so that the candy throwers wouldn't miss her!

Me: "Raya, I don't think you are old enough to get candy."

Raya: "What Mama?!?!?!"

Parade's coming...find your spot!!!!

(Here was Lee telling me to get out of the way so they could watch the parade in peace LOL)

Here is where Raya spent 20 minutes gathering candy haha. We could hear the people on the floats saying "Oh my, look at how cute she is!" and then little Raya would have about 5 handfulls of candy thrown at her---and she was the only kid anywhere around so it was all for her! We filled 3 gallon ziplock bags of candy and she was just lovin' it. Kept piling the treats in her bag and waving like Miss America at everyone as they rode by. When we were all done she said "More parade Mama" as she licked her sticky lollipops :-)

I think this may be the scariest "pleeeeeease" face I've ever seen from her!


Where is Brielle during all of this you may wonder? Well, we followed the same principal with her as well! Started by dressing her up in something cute to attract the eyes of the candy throwers...

Here she was ready to go this morning with Grandma

She can kinda hold her own bottle now!

^^^That dress she's wearing? That was always one of my favorites of Raya's. It's a little big on her--Raya wore it for her 9 month photos and then for Easter a couple months later--but I wanted to get her in it still this summer.

Here was Raya's 9 month picture wearing it :-)

And Raya at about 11 months wearing it...

Ok, back to she was watching the parade!

And after the parade she was out!

When we got home from the morning's festivities Raya sat eating her loot! (As an aside, I think it's funny whenever we see people who knew me growing up but don't know Lee and his family they almost always say "Oh, Raya looks JUST like you Shawna!"   ...when really she looks nothing like my pictures as a kid and she looks a ton like Lee's mom's baby pictures. But there must be something about her that reminds people of me--I have no idea what though!

Too much candy.

Tomorrow is a family reunion/picnic/swimming for my mom's side--should be fun! Then we *think* we are seeing 3 houses tomorrow evening--still waiting to hear back from the realtor. All 3 houses have some potentional but none are "perfect"-- one is too pricey, one is too far from my parents, and one is too outdated/crappy floorplan---we'll have to see if we are willing to living with one of the "bummer" points or keep looking! Either way we won't be making any offers right away...Lee likes to think about things for a long time haha.


  1. Cute pics from the parade! Looks like a ton of fun!

    I like Raya's headband & piggy buns.

  2. Your girls are beautiful i imagine such a joy to be around. Little girls are the best

  3. That Raya was just sooooo darn cute at the parade!
    Love,Grama F


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