Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The sneak peek to the sneak peek

So this morning Brielle finally had her 6 month professional pictures...and I'm almost glad now that the first  session was cancelled  because the weather here today is GORGEOUS and a cancellation at the babysitters meant that Raya could go there, which made it much easier on me!

I will certainly let you all know when the photographer posts Brielle's "sneak peek"...and then the rest of the photos will be done in about two weeks.

But as my own sneak peek to her sneak peek I will tell you that Brielle did very well!!! I asked to use the shabby chic looking wood floor (we used it  for Brielle's newborn photos, but she was rolling around so much in those that we didn't get any really good ones) for the ones today using that floor she was wearing that flowered diaper cover and cream flower...and she looked so pretty! Not many smiles at all today b/c there was too much new stuff going on, but she wasn't crying :-) The we did the pink elephant outfit with just a white backdrop and we got some clapping for those I think ;-P Then we went outside and the photographer put a yellow chair in tall grass and we had Brielle sit on that wearing that colorful flower romper. Brielle was very interested  in trying to eat grass and weeds for all the outdoor pics! we had trouble getting her to look at the camera, but I think we still got some cute ones. Then to end we had her wear the camo skirt and she sat in a couple buckets and then just on the that time she was sort of "over" pictures--not crying but  just not wanting to look at the camera, but I think we still got some cute ones!

After the photos we got home and poor Brielle was exhausted!

She's been  sleeping every since we got home...wore her out! I'm leaving Raya at the babysitters for the day so that I can get some work done around here (after I blog of course! :-) no Tot School today (yeah, I know, you're all totally bummed :-(

But guess what?! I have some pictures from yesterday afternoon's activity, so you're in luck!

We added the finished touches to our canvas art...and Raya had a blast "stamping" with a paper towel roll that I cut up...and also painting with a fork :-) Created some cool effects and now her masterpiece is officially finished!

And then since I can't do reviews on free stuff  that people send me (hey you there, wanna send me something free to review? LOL) I am going to review a couple things that I buy myself ! :-P First up, we are going to try the Leapfrog Learning set / Letter Factory DVDs...shown here:

I've been pulling  my hair out with Raya over her letters. Now I *do* realize that it's still very early to expect her to know her letters and sounds. But the child is so quick to learn other things like colors and shapes, etc that it's driving me crazy that she will not humor me to learn any letters!!! Now I have a sneaky suspicion that she probably does know a few and just isn't being cooperative, but everywhere online I  kept hearing about moms swearing by these DVDs and saying that their kids learned their letters and sounds easily from them. So for $19 from good old Walmart I got the set (it also comes with a set of flashcards) can buy the individual dvds too.

Here is what is DVD claims to teach

I'm going to let her  pick out one to watch before bed tonight and once  I get a feel for how she likes them I'll let you all know!! She loves TV though so I can't imagine she won't like them--now whether she learns anything, well we'll see!!! :-)

Lastly today, my Etsy shop did awesome yesterday...I just had to share! I sold 8 pairs of underwear and an entire camo cutie outfit...thanks to everyone who helps me spread the word about my little shop!

Here is one of the birthday outfits I worked on last night. I've done this design in the past, but haven't had an order since I started machine stitching my designs. I think it turned out awesome with the machine stitching! Hope Jayden has  a wonderful 2nd birthday :-)

And thank you to all of my new readers! I love my loyal followers :-) It was so funny to me because within the last 24 hours I  have had what I like to call "fan mail" LOL, from three different new readers. Lee says I'm going to get a big head, but I say I'm just that cool and he's jealous haha. Later!


  1. I'll think of you while I'm eating my cheesecake.
    I cant wait to see Brielle's pics

  2. I can't wait to see her pictures! We are having Kyla's taken on Sunday.

  3. I love the pics of Raya painting!!!! The shirt turned out super cute with the machine stitch, very clean lines, love it!!!I can't wait to see Brielles pics!!!
    Grama F


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