Friday, August 12, 2011

Thomas and tu-tus

So there is now an inflatable Thomas the train bed at Grandma and Grandpa's

They found this, used once, inflatable bed with matching pillow at a garage sale for $10. I looked them up and they're like $50 new haha. Raya loves it! She doesn't really sleep on it--she still sleeps in a pack and play--but she loves playing on it.

Brielle tried it out too :-)

Her bedtime story even had to take place in the Thomas bed haha. She's never seen the Thomas the Train show by the way. I for one find that show mind-numbingly boring LOL

Funny yesterday my mom was playing with Raya on the deck and the little neighbor boy rode his bike over. My mom said "Raya, tell Josh thank you for letting you play with his toy"  (b/c the nieghbors let my parents borrow their little plastic slide/climber since their kids are too big for it) Raya said thank you and then mom said she got really shy and wouldn't talk to the little boy. However, when the little boy left my mom says that Raya asked "Where'd the cute boy go?"  HAHAHA...too funny. She's already got her eyes on the boys.

Another funny story, Raya doesn't eat any veggies other than baby food. Well last night mom sat down at dinner and Raya said "I eat green"....she wanted to eat my mom's green veggies! Well low and behold she ate green beans and lima beans like they were going out of style. Then she also ate mashed potatoes, which she normally never eats as well!! That child--she is going to drive me crazy :-P

^^^Her hair's a mess b/c she was swimming with Grandma earlier.

To end, I've decided that Brielle should become a professional tu-tu model!

Cutest thing you've ever seen, is it not?

This is the birthday tutu and headband that I made for my neice Harper, who turns one next month. I'm making a matching shirt with a "1" out of this polkadot fabric, and then I"m going to add a cat applique to the shirt as well--her birthday is a cat theme ;-)

But I couldn't pass up having Brielle model it yesterday so that I could get some pictures to put on my Etsy website. She looked so stinkin' cute I could barely stand it.

And then I am also making a custom white angry bird Halloween costume for a is Brielle modeling that white tutu :-)

Have a great Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. OMG, It is very important that my son never sees that Thomas the Train bed! I think Cael would never leave it, even to pee or go to preschool.

    BTW, Brielle looks beautiful in Harper's tutu! Nicely done!

  2. OMG, I had to show Brielle off to my husband and mother in law. LOVE the tutu pics!


  3. My Brielle is just toooo pretty!!! She is going to be A LITTLE SHOW STOPPER!!! I knew the kids would love that blow up bed!!!
    Grama F


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