Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Dog

Growing up I was never what you would call a "pet person." My brother was the animal lover. I always enjoyed puppies and kittens, etc. but after about an hour I was over it haha. I  remember once when I was put in charge of feeding our outdoor cat Chipper and I forgot to feed him. When I got "caught" I said something about how I had looked out the window and *thought* he had food haha. Yeah, no pet sitting gigs for me!
Fast forward to the end of graduate school and me getting my first full time job. I got a house to rent that allowed pets, and was bound and determined I wanted a puppy. I thought I wanted one that  was 15-20 lbs and I started researching different breeds. Well my mom saw an ad in the paper for a lady selling yorkiepoos (yorkie poodle mixes) and even though the lady said "my dogs only get 8lbs" I decided I'd at least look at the dog she had available---even though he was going to be much smaller than I thought I wanted.
When I laid eyes on Griffin I proclaimed him the most adorable puppy ever and bought him immediately! And he was adorable. And like my girls are now, he was super photogenic too :-)

^^ Cutest puppy ever!^^

When I bought  him he was (supposedly) 8 weeks old. He weighed just barely over 2 pounds! He immediately became my "baby" and I spent that whole first summer catering to him haha. I suddenly was a dog person! (Although if I'm being honest I still didn't really care for anyone else's pets....just my own dog ;-)   I carried him in a little bag (I'm ashamed to admit this haha) and he quickly accumulated an extensive wardrobe of clothing. He endured daily photoshoots. (He pretty much was my Raya before there was a Raya LOL)
And then my "baby" started growing exponentially (kinda like my Raya LOL)!!! Seriously, he was supposed to be  8lbs full  grown, and I think by a month old he was almost 10 lbs haha. We decided that the person who sold him to me must have crossed him with a full size poodle, not a minature one! ....either that or he wasn't 8 weeks when i got him. But oh well, I loved him still! (Just had to quickly  retire the little  bag I carried him in and buy him more (bigger) clothes!!!! (Today that  mutant dog weighs 30-35 lbs, depending on the day!)

A couple months after I got Griffin Lee decided  he needed a dog too. So we got Gunner when he was about 5 months old. From day one Griffin and Gunner  have been lifelong friends :-)

...and if you think it looked  like I babied Griffin back  in the day, you should have seen Lee with Gunner! Here  he was feeding Gunner, because Gunner wouldn't eat (so he thought anyways)....and  Griffin had just been to the vet to get fixed, so he was  wearing a cone on his head haha....all in all just an awesome picture

But then almost exactly 3 years after I got Griffin I had Raya. And poor Griffin became a dog again. He's still my very favorite dog ever!!! ....but I feel like the whole "my pet is just like my baby" thing is what people tend to do *before* they have children or *after* the kids have grown up and left home. Because if you're anything like me you are just  too damn exhausted after taking care of human children, and you no longer have the energy to  baby the dog anymore. Well that and when Raya and Griffin are annoying eachother and  I have to separate them it's Griffin that  gets kicked to the basement--because  as much as I might like to I'm pretty sure it'd be  illegal for me to kennel Raya in the basement haha. And when your baby is laying on the floor playing with toys and you see your dog lick his butt and then go over to sniff the baby's face it really should be the dog that gets "shoo'd" away, not the baby ;-P  So poor Griffin, he's still my puppy baby, but no longer my baby baby. The love you feel towards your child(ren) is just immeasurably more/different than I think anyone  could ever feel towards their  pet, no matter how loved. (Although I will  say Lee has maintained a strong affinity for both dogs, and I think most days would pick them over the girls haha. It could be the fact that he doesn't have to change their diapers though....and they let him watch Cardinal's baseball, rather than chanting for Caillou 24/7.
So you may be wondering to yourself  "ok, this trip down memory lane was cute and all, but why the heck do we suddenly care about the dog?!" Well, it's because today Griffin got some loving that was reminiscent of the good old pre-kid days--he was a pampered pup at the groomer's and is lookin' pretty ---or should  I say handsome  :-)

Here was his BEFORE pics:

Had to do my "artsy" black and white for baby Griffin :-P

And his AFTER photos!

It took FOUR people to hold him down in order to pluck his ear hairs they said LOL.

"Life was so much easier before the rugrats were born Mama. But hey, at least you finally cut my hair so I can see the little shits coming now!"

(Raya was so cute....all afternoon she kept  telling me "Griffy all done with cut now Mama!" and I'd have to say "no, he needs to stay there a little longer and then we will go get him"....she was so excited to have him back home haha
****Don't  miss my other new update from today! I  updated twice in one day...aren't you all super lucky?! :-)


  1. i could've wrote this post word for word. actually, when i was pregnant with kallen i started to hate my dogs and, in my head, would write adds to post on craislist about them needing new homes. LOL. and seriously, i too carried him around in a bag. he went to work with me and we ate lunch together every day. we were attached. poor guy. he probably hates his life now :(

  2. Oh poor little Griffin!! He looks adorable again!!! It is true though, I remember when I was pregnant with you and dad bought the little red wagon, it sat in the living room the entire 9 months with Bruisers(my little much loved yorkie)blanket in it. He thought we bought it for him, he layed in it daily. When you came home from the hospital he realized what it was all about, poor little Bruiser!!! I still think pets are wonderful, they teach us about love, and we get to experiment on them first!!!!
    Grama F


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