Friday, August 19, 2011

Under Contract!

We went under contract on a new house tonight....yay! For those of you who read my earlier post about the three houses we saw on Sunday we ended up buying house number 3--the move in ready option :-) I'm totally in love with this house people. It's awesome! Pretty much the only thing that isn't an upgrade from our current house are the extra bedrooms. There are only 4 bedrooms in this house (we have 5 now) and the extra bedrooms upstairs are small compared to the extra large ones we have now. Oh well....the girls are small humans....they can survive in a small room :-P

As far as upgrades from our current house, well pretty much everything! Much newer house, on a FLAT lot with a FLAT driveway hehe. We have a cute front porch and a nice big deck out back. The kitchen is huge and laid out well. Beautiful stainless appliances. There are 3.5 baths in the house (I know, right?!)...and the basement is completely finished with an amazing family room and fireplace--wet bar too! Perhaps my favorite part? It's totally dog friendly. There's an underground dog fence, indoor/outdoor dog kennel, stairs from the garage to the basement (expensive upgrade)....basically the dogs will never have to set foot in my upstairs--yippee for no doggie smells upstairs :-)

The house is move in ready except for a couple small paint projects (laundry room/half bath is pretty bright--may paint that. then the master bedroom walls are a greenish color that will clash with our red bedding so I"ll probably paint that too. Otherwise everything is pretty much good to go! The bathroom fixtures we may update down the road, but the fixtures in the main living areas are already updated so that's great. And the house was built in 2000 so it's not *that* old.

We close on our anniversary! How fun that Lee proposed to me the day we closed on our first house and we are set to close on our second house on our wedding anniversary?! :-) Pretty much the only thing that can prevent this house from being our is if the buyers of our current home back out--we are still waiting to hear from them since they had the inspection. Fingers crossed that things go ok!

Now for some pictures. It's late and I"m tired so here are just a few...

Cute front porch--adorable landscaping all around the house

Backyard/shed (we have 1.06 acres)

Our street--we live about halfway down the street....this road ends in a cul-de-sac

Heaven :-)  We filled out the paperwork tonight at the counter island thingy and it was amazing--so much space for cooking and I could totally picture the kids doing their homework there while I cooked dinner. Love it.

living room

Puppies' room :-)

Future home of Tot School -- when I saw this closet I was sold :-P

Houston, we have a walkin closet

This back corner of the downstairs family room may be my future sewing nook

Wet bar

Fireplace and built ins

Master bath

Let's end with a pretty...

So hopefully come trick-or-treat time we will be living here---I will just scream with happiness if this all works out!!!!!! :-)


  1. CONGRATS thats awesome! I love the house, I saw all the pics on FB, it looks so nice. I love that backyard! I cant wait to go house hunting!

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  2. I hope it works out for you guys! I'm totally jealous of this house. It's beautiful! I can't wait for us to move to a bigger house.


  3. Congrats again, very exciting news! Are you ready to start decorating? Do you think you guys will buy any new furniture or anything, or just go with all your current stuff for now?

  4. Thanks everyone! We are super excited :-)

    As far as decorating we will probably keep it low key for awhile. We don't plan to do anything to the house until I go back to work in a few years probably. I will decorate the girls' room, but probably not right away b/c Brielle is too little yet to move into a shared I"ll probably slowly get their room ready over the next year. We pretty much can just move our current furniture in and be all set :-) We will buy furniture for downstairs though...our couches downstairs now are awful and old...and the downstairs of this house is way too nice for that crappy stuff. We might get a sectional for downstairs. Otherwise the idea of a move in ready house with little to buy/decorate sounds great to us b/c we are plenty buys with the kids!! :-)

  5. ...and by "don't plan to do anything to the house" i mean like remodeling

  6. Shawna, it's gorgeous! I'm swooning over the built-ins and fireplace. Awesome!

  7. this looks amazing!!!! keep my fingers crossed for you guys :)

  8. I am praying that St Joseph will see us through to the end !!!! I can't wait until this is all final!!!
    Grama F


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