Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We've officially hit "never having another baby" stage

Ok moms, is it just me or do the stages of baby fever go something like this:

1) You are super excited to have your first baby. You have no idea why people who are done having kids say "babies are cute but I"m SO GLAD he's yours and not mine!" You think to yourself "no one would ever *not* want a cute little baby....they are lying and secretly want my baby.
2) Baby is born and about one week in you swear you're never having another one. No wonder those people didn't want another baby. You barely want *your* baby.
3) Baby is a couple months old and you think "hey, this isn't so bad....I hardly remember life pre-baby so maybe I'll have another one while I'm still in baby mode--I'm super mom!"
4) Baby is about 6-7 months old and sleeping well at night. You can't  believe you've gone so long without a full night's sleep and swear you'll never have another baby. You can't go back to the sleepless nights ever again. Plus, baby is moving and getting into everything. No more babies ever!
5) Baby is about one year old. Your mommy amnesia has set in and you can't even remember when your baby was actually a baby. You miss the baby stages. You think you might want another  one.
6)....and so the cycle continues....

Well people, I'm officially at step 4 of the vicious cycle!! Brielle has gone 3 nights now of sleeping all night, in her own bed, in her own room (well, the playroom for now until we move). Ahhhhh....Mama gets to sleep again!We had to do some cry-it-out but she gave up without too much of a fight. One kinda bad night and then blissful sleep since then. Brielle is also about 10 seconds  away from crawling I think. Raya never crawled so this is new territory, but Brielle is up on hands and knees, scooting backwards, somehow getting from a sitting position into the crawling position and eating my computer when I'm not looking, etc. Yeah, she's very very busy!

She still loves to clap!

No sneak peek pictures of Brielle yet :-( The  photographer posted on her blog that she's way behind on sneak peeks and it's her  super busy season so we may have to wait until next week when all the pictures are ready. Boo.

Also not much for Tot School this week...sorry! Here's what  we did for Tot School yesterday so that Mama could cook dinner--you can't go wrong with playdough people

I made the mistake of saying "oh look--your playdough looks  like little  snakes!" which point she starting shaking in fear and crying out "ewwww snake mama!!"  Ooops

I gave her some q-tips to make playdough sculptures. Like I've said before, the key to maintaining a 2 year olds attention with these activities is to constantly switch things up! Suddenly playdough was 1000 times more exciting because she had 4 q-tips :-P

She made a lollipop and licked it haha

Lastly, I loved this  owl hat for Raya (it was from our friend Bridgett) and so today we tried it on Brielle. ....who is clearly the cutest baby who ever lived, wouldn't you agree?

More clapping...

And then that  was the end of that....little stinker


  1. I LOVE that owl hat! I need to find one for Kyla! And we have that same cute dress that Brielle was wearing with it.

    I like reading your blog so I can see into my future when we have two. I'm currently in the "hey, this isn't so bad....I hardly remember life pre-baby so maybe I'll have another one while I'm still in baby mode--I'm super mom!" stage.


  2. haha my child is 8.5 months and doesn't sleep through the night so I don't know what it's like to have a great nights sleep! I wish I did. teething sucks!

    she looks so cute in the owl hat!


  3. That Brielle is just toooo pretty!!!!!
    Grama F


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