Friday, September 30, 2011

The gig pays well.

So my brother doesn't work on Fridays and therefore is in charge of his kids that day. Now that I"m back home though he seems to be loving the fact that he can pay me to watch Sawyer and Harper so that he can have a day off LOL. Today he's fishing and I'm babysitting, but the gig pays well and he's going to be funding many of my upcoming home inprovement projects I have a feeling, so I can't complain! :-P Plus the kids are really good and the days go by really fast when I have all four of them keeping me on my toes!

Today I decided to take the kids into the mall to play on the mall play climber, eat lunch in the foodcourt, and then stop by the Science Station to play. It went well! Sawyer had an "almost" meltdown over wanting fried rice to go with his pizza haha, but I just bought him some rice and all was well (yes, I gave in....$2 in rice versus a tantrum in the mall....easy choice really :-)

Here are some pictures of our fun today!

We did have a little pouting over wanting to eat lunch at 10:30 :-P

*Sorry about the poor picture quality of all these. I just had my mom's little camera. I really need to get a new point and shoot because I hate dragging my big camera out and about!

I let Harper borrow Raya's owl hat b/c it's getting too small for her and it's too big for Brielle. She looked cute! I need to make Raya a bigger one :-)

The key to a successful trip out with 4 tiny tots? A thoroughly packed diaper bag!

I thought it was funny that Brielle immediately spotted the tunnel and knew what to do :-)

Harper is the MESSIEST eater I've ever seen in my life.

The Science Museum was fun, but I was annoyed that they suddenly started charging the adults admission too. I mean really, like I'M the one really playing and enjoying it...geesh.

To end, some random pictures from yesterday and today...

I had Harper try on Brielle's new vest....she loved it--I think she knew she looked "fierce"! She got all Tyra Banks on me :-P

I also tried one of Raya's headbands on her :-P

Yesterday I sent Raya to timeout and for some reason she went behind the couch, amongst a pile of toys....and then screamed.

But as soon as I tell her she's done with timeout she turns it off very very quickly! Stinker.

Brielle is my "good child" :-)

Tomorrow Lee's mom is coming up for the day and my mom is cooking a yummy meal (Lee's dad is farming). Should be fun! We had told her she better come visit this weekend because then the next few weekends we will be very busy with unpacking and settling in to the new house so we won't really want to give up our weekends entertaining out of town guests until we're done unpacking :-)

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world

Growing up I was always a baby doll girl. I never really got too interested in Barbies, although I did have them. I much prefered playing with dolls.

Sadly (for me) I think Raya is going to be a Barbie girl. She currently shows a lot more interest in Barbie than dolls, and all of my Barbie stuff is at my parents' house so she has been getting to play with it. Today her and I spent a good 30 minutes dressing the Barbies for a night out on the town :-P

She made some questionable fashion choices for poor Ken.

...and for herself as well!

^^ Her sticker is from when we all went and got our flu shots today (And as my PSA....everyone, don't forget to get your flu shot! Help protect those who *can't* get them :-)

Anyways, I think my Barbie's looked smokin' when I was done with them (and can't you tell these Barbies are a product of the early 90's? hehe....awesome.)

"Yeah, I know I look good"

^^Raya added the hair tie "necklace"....she's definitely got her own "unique" sense of style! hehe

Brielle didn't know what the heck to think of the Barbies

Other than that, here are a few pics of the girls from this morning after we got back from getting our shots...

And lastly, read on if you are interested in home decorating....let's talk about some more of my new house plans! ...we are officially one week from closing, and then we'll have a long weekend for painting projects etc. before our stuff is all moved in. Soooooo close!

Here is a reminder of our super cute new home :-)

And if you're *really* interested, here is the floor plan so you can picture what I'm talking about hehe:

First floor:

Walkout basement:

First, today I laid out the shower curtain for the girls' bathroom, so that I could decide whether the shade of green I choose for the walls looked good. Raya thought the shower curtain was a "bed" and immediately went and got her owl pillow and blanket to go "nigh nigh" hehe

I think the wall color we're going with is the sage green (not the neon greens) ....I was a little worried there wasn't enough sage green in the shower curtain to look like it "went" with the wall color, but I think I can pull more of the sage green out with other items in the bathroom too....and the sage green just seems like the best color for the wall because the other colors will be a little too "in your face" all over the walls I think :-)
As a reminder, here is the girls' bathroom. I'm sooo excited for them to have their *own* bathroom. At the old house we had to move all their bath toys and crap every time we wanted to shower and stuff, and now we'll just be able to leave everything out b/c they're the only ones using that shower/tub. Yay . The tub is off to the right (opposite the double sinks)...

...and then the wall opposite the toilet is where I'd love to do something like this (give each girl their own towel hook, and put their picture or something over the hook to personalize it. I just can't decide if I should do 3 hooks, since we plan to have one more kid...probably should so that I don't have to redo it later)

Then I"m not sure if I ever shared pics of our laundry room? Well it's the only room in the house that  has a really wild paint color, and I just  don't think it's a very peaceful color for the laundry room, where I unfortunately  spend a lot of time LOL. So I'm going to paint it...I  just  don't know what color yet. I want to find a rug or something for in there to base the color scheme off of. We also have a little half bath in there too.

Here's the half bath...we are going to frame out the builder grade mirror, like we did with all the mirrors at our old house....and update the knobs...

Then the laundry room area...I love the little window. They have the same window in the girls'  bathroom too.

The only bad thing about this laundry room is that  there is basically no storage for all  your laundry supplies/soaps/etc. Well I found a cute laundry room on Pinterest and Lee said he can do something similiar  in here for me.

This is the inspiration photo:

So we aren't putting a tv in our laundry room hehe, but where the tv is in that photo is basically where our cute little window is in our laundry room. So Lee  is going to get two cabinets to put up on either side of the window, like in the inspiration photo, and then he's  going to get a countertop to put on top of the washer dryer. We'll probably have our counter go wall to wall though. This will  solve the problem we had at the old house of tiny baby socks, etc. constantly falling behind and inbetween the washer dryer! (Our washer/dryer is front loading like the inspiration pic, so a counter on top will work).

Then this photo shows the hallway entrance from the garage. I took the picture standing in the kitchen. The green room you see off the hallway  is  the laundry room/half bath. Well see how they have a coat rack hanging in that  hallway? We like the idea of that b/c  there is no coat closet in the house (yeah, I  have no idea why not)....and most of our "guests" will probably  come through the garage entryway when they come over so we want to have a place for them to hang up their  coats and stuff....

Well I found this idea on Pinterest (again) and just  loved Lee is going to paint a tree (a better, more real looking tree than this picture though haha) at the end of this hallway--he'll probably wrap the tree onto both walls at the end of the hall  there--and then we're going to hand some bronze coat hooks on the branches and it will be a "coat tree" for guests :-) It think it'll be so cute!

Hmmm, what  else. Well, remember  our new  master bedroom? We plan to put our  bed and nightstands on the wall just as they did (only  our bed is bigger and we don't have all the extra dressers and stuff that they  do)...

And then to make that wall a focal  point I saw this picture on Pinterest and fell  in love, so Lee said he can make a picture shelf similiar to it and hang it above our bed....

...I want to then frame all kinds of pictures of Lee and I and put them up there--pics from when we were dating, our wedding, etc. etc.

I only  have one horrible picture of the girls' future shared room...but we are  going to paint it light blue and then two twin beds will go against the same wall where the previous little girl has ber big bed. To start it'll just be Raya in there and we're going to push one side of her  bed up against the wall and then yesterday I bought her a guard rail to go on the other side so she doesn't fall out.

And then the last bedroom, which will  be the nursery, is pretty small. It's actually no smaller  than my bedroom growing up, but it's small compared to what  we had at the last house, so we'll have to get creative with furniture arrangement, but all  that really needs to go in there is the changing table  and crib.

The changing table will probably go here where that dollhouse is

and then the crib will go on the wall opposite the  window the bed is under....b/c I don't  like  having the crib next to windows

I think the room will  feel bigger once the giant bed is out of there. Our kids  will always just have twin beds.

Anways, so I had thought maybe we'd just leave the room pink until we had the 3rd baby, and then if it was a boy we'd paint. But Lee is the one who picked out of nursery bedding when I was pregnant  with Raya and he really wants to decorate the room to match the bedding again. So I think we're going to paint the room a off white and then he's going to paint a forest with a deer, similar to this picture...

...and then since we never used really any of the cute bedding at the old house (because I'm a big stickler for no blankets, bumpers, etc. in the crib) I think this time we'll hang the bedding quilt above the crib....and then teh forest/deer will be painted on the two window walls.
...and Brielle, until she moves into the big girl room with Raya, will just get to enjoy her very foresty bedroom hehe. Lee still has hope baby #3 will be a boy, and if it's another girl we'll  just redo it into a girl bedroom when she's a toddler, like we did for Raya. If it's a boy he'll probably keep the deer mural and  have  a hunting themed big boy  room LOL

oh, one more idea I've decided on, see our entryway? Well the wall where they have their wall sconces/ entry table is where I want to do a pictue picture wall :-)

I'm thinking something maybe  like  this:

Ok, Brielle's' nap is officially over which mean my blogging, and daydreaming about the new house!, is offically over too hehe. Later!