Friday, October 14, 2011

Epic picture post--you're welcome!

So tonight we have a fully stocked kitchen, thanks to a grocery trip...and I have a full belly, thanks to a stop at Culvers (which by the way, they have a pumpkin cheesecake concrete mixer right now that is TO DIE FOR....definitely try it!)....and the girls are tucked in bed for the that means I"m going to make up for lost time and try to make up with all of my loyal readers by posting an epic picture post--it's long and picture intensive so be warned! :-)

First off, remember a few entries back when I did a shout out to my blogger friend who was doing a 31 giveaway on her blog? Well guess what? I totally WON! Thanks Amy! Check out her blog here (she's the one with the adorable red headed baby :-) So anways, yesterday I got my prize in the  mail--an adorable tote...and I've decided it was fate that I won b/c it's all the colors of my new living room--blue, green, and brown! I am going to use it for storing toys in, but today the girls had fun storing *themselves* in it LOL. It's very durable and holding up to their antics, so A+ I say!

Speaking of my living  room, here's a photo showing the layout I decided on (There is also an end table with lamp next to the couch, and another end table next to the loveseat). I also found some blue pillows in storage that I already had and match perfectly haha...go figure. I have a feeling I won't be doing much more decorating out here for quite awhile though, b/c I want to make some wall art for this room and I don't have any time! I also plan to paint the tv stand...I think blue with a green drawer would be fun.

The only other "clean" room of our house  is the dining room...

Yeah, sorta anticlimatic haha. I am on the lookout for a "fun" tablecloth, but I want it to go with the living room color scheme since it's all open to eachother, and I just  haven't found anything yet. The big picture was in our dining room at the old house....the old owners already had a nail there so I decided it was a good place for the picture for the time being haha. Eventually I want to get a large rug under the table, but that is definitely not practical with little kids...Raya drops a minimum of 10 things during every meal LOL.

Notice how I carefully cropped out the entryway  from both the living room and dining room pics? That because when you come through our front door right now we welcome you in with this:

Wanna know where all  the boxes are from? All our damn clothes! Well, I should say LEE'S clothes. The man has about 3 times as many clothes as me haha. God forbid his tshirt stash drops below 50 or something :-P After working all day on Thursday though our master closet now looks like this:

At the old house  we had to rotate summer/winter clothes b/c our closets weren't big enough to hold everything, so it's very exciting that everything fits in this closet and we no longer have to store off season clothes in the basement!

Ok, now let's take a break from house pictures to admire my cute child.

^^^The poor thing has  been fighting a cold for awhile now, so please excuse her constant snot nose :-)

Ok, back to the house. Here is the state of (sad) affairs in our kitchen...the worthless excuse for a dishwasher along with the giant box of glassware from the bar that needs to be washed (it's dusty from the old house storage)...and not to forget the counter full of dishes waiting to be handwashed by Lee :-P

What  makes me happier though is the ever improving look of our playroom! Eventually I'm going to repaint the accent wall--the tan is very un-fun...I'm thinking maybe green from the rug? Anyways, very happy to have this playspace!

And the infamous pepto pink toy shelf that Lee built for the old house was taken apart and brought to this house....Lee is supposed  to attempt putting it back together this weekend...fingers crossed we can salvage it and start organizing all these toys!

Oh, and I'm still giddy over the game closet...I also decided to store  all of their "messy" toys here--you know, the blocks and puzzles and things with 1000 peices that kids always manage to throw all over a room the first 5 minutes, just to create a bigger mess LOL. So now anything with lots of peices/messy will need to be requested from the closet, and I will grant permission after an assessment of how messy I think the child will be and how willing I am to clean :-P

Last house picture for tonight...the family room is starting to take shape. We laid out the furniture and Lee is starting to unpack. Eventually the futon is going to be replaced with a sleeper sofa (my choice--for guests) or a reclining sofa (Lee's choice--for himself, and guests  will sleep on a mattress on the floor)  ---for the sake of future guests hopefully *I* win  haha. But anyways, hopefully we can sort out all  this crap soon and make it feel a lot less cluttered!

Now more cute  pics of the girls--eating snack today

It was super windy today! ...Raya stood in front of the open window and would let it blow her hair and then shiver and say "brrrrrrrrr...wind is cold!"

She ran under the table to hide...

...and then I  heard "yum! A chip Mama!" and before I could stop her she  ate it :-P Let's all hope it really *was* a chip, and not some weird leftover from the previous owners LOL. Grandma is coming over tomorrow to do a deep clean of these floor for us...much needed when you have  a loser who eats off the floor haha--thanks mom!

This picture makes  me laugh...she was "reading" the  words on the moving boxes and then when I asked her about the letters she gave me a blank look. The same blank look she gave me today when I asked her to spell her name. But my mom says that on Thursday when she was babysitting my sister-in-law Emily was having Sawyer spell his name and she would write the letters for him with sidewalk chalk...and then Raya  wanted a turn and my mom says that Raya very clearly spelled R-A-Y-A , and waited for Emily to write each letter. Little shit! At least I know she *can* do it, even if only secretly for other people :-)

Today Brielle found a jumprope--yeah, there  is pretty much 3000 square feet of "no-nos" for her right now, poor thing--so I just let her have it!

After Lee got home from work tonight he made Raya's day by taking her to fly her kite in the windy weather. don't get a more "midwestern" back yard than this!

Oh, one last house picture...I did "unpack" our deck LOL...that was an easy one :-) We are excited to have a place for our table now--the old house's deck was too small for it

I'll try to be better about frequent updates again now that we have internet...thanks for sticking with me and checking in to see how our move has been going! Happy Weekend :-)


  1. I can't believe how well that tote matches your curtains, did Amy make it to match for you? It will be perfect for some little toys for Brielle. I can't get over how much you are getting done, even with those two little babies!!! Good for you, you are just going to love it when you can be done with boxes and start to do the fun stuff like decorating etc!! I'll be over today after I brush my dogs, (dad gave them all a bath while I was at work yesterday(first time he has bathed any dogs in 30 years!!!) Its too bad about the dishwasher, but I remember thinking when I was wiping it out that it sure did not look as new as the other appliances, so who knows, anyway if that is the main problem with your new place it's easily fixed!! There's always issues even with brand new things!!!
    Grama F

  2. No, she didn't make it. It's a company called 31 that she sells...that's why it's fate that I won, since it matches so well! :-)

    Our floors will be waiting lol


  3. the house looks great! Love the tote, so cute. Loving all the pics of the girls. Glad to hear that things are going so well.

    Have a good weekend


  4. Sorry for the comment overload tonight...just catching up. I'm so glad the tote matches so well! It was definitely fate!



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