Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! Cuteness overload :-)

I have tons of pictures to share so here are some bullet points  about our day, to keep things (semi) short and sweet!

1) Our Halloween party went really well this morning! We had 3 moms and 8 munchkins. We lost one mom and kid last minute do to illness, but big brother still got to come over and party! They played in the toy room, had lunch  and Halloween treats, and all went  home for good naps! We are going to try and get together regularly now --fun stuff.

2) Raya LOVED trick or treating this year. We went to main street where they were doing a little trick or treat "town" and you could go into all the businesses and get candy and do little games and such. We got lots of oohs and ahhs as we pushed angel baby Brielle in her stroller and devil child Raya walked alongside hehe. Raya acted like an angel all night though because she was just in 7th heaven getting all of her candy!

3) After main street we did some door to door trick or treating as well. Brielle and I stayed in the car and drove slowly alongside Lee and Raya who went door to door. Raya kept saying "More candy! More Treat! This way!" LOL. She was a fan.

4) We ended at my parents' house. My mom was dressed as Wilma --her and her doctor went as Fred and Wilma at work today and won first place :-P

Now for some pictures---enjoy!!!!  (and don't forget to check my update from this morning---I announced the winner of my Etsy giveaway!)

I didn't want Brielle to get her white costume dirty this morning
so she just dressed festively in Raya's  hand me downs :-)

Captain Hook!

Bubbles were a big hit at the party today!

Our new friend is about 2 months younger than Raya--and about 1/2 the size of my chunkbutt :-)

Our little pirate just  couldn't stay away from the tutu today!

Sawyer, Raya, and Harper have all worn this costume!

My favorite picture. Brielle is like "Mama! These brats are stealing all of my food!!!
(Harper's new friend is Sam, who is a tad older than Brielle)

This was my homemade attempt at a last minute "poker", but I didn't  think she would wear the tail
and I wanted her to have another accessory. Well go figure, she suddenly fell in love with the tail about 10 minutes
before we left LOL

The evil "Scrunchface" :-)


"What the hell *is* this thing?! No, seriously...."

A very *tired* angel baby

She was scared of Grandma at first LOL

Good times had by all--Hope your Halloween was just as great!!!!  ...and if you want to see Raya's Halloween 2010 pictures for old times sake, here is the blog entry Raya the Candy Fairy
And Raya's very first Halloween blog entry is here Raya the Lobster


  1. Love the costumes and how cool that you had other kiddos over for some Halloween fun. I love the picture of the kids eating Brielle's food too. Priceless!

  2. Love,Love,Love, all the pics, not sure which are my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!! But have to agree, the one where the other 2 girls are eating Brielles food is great!!!!! Also love the tutu and captain hook combo!! I'm so glad everyone had fun at the party, the girls are going to make soooo many friends here!!! Brielle looked soooo pretty in her costume, and I have to say after having the girls all weekend, they both should have had angel costumes!!!
    Grama F

  3. The kids look they all had a great time! I wish we could have been there, but plans aside, my kids are both sick now anyway so our Halloween was a bit of a bust. Oh well! Raya and Brielle look great! You did a wonderful job with their costumes!

  4. Oh my goodness they are way to cute dressed up like that!!!


  5. Loving all the pictures, way to much cuteness! That pics of the girls eating Brielle's food is hilarious!! Glad you guys had fun


  6. the costumes turned out SO GOOD!!! and i love that their facial expressions fit their costumes perfectly. so dang cute. your mom and i were both WILMA!!! lol :)


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