Friday, November 18, 2011

3rd time's a charm!

I  think that with having to wait 3 weeks I had built up the pictures in my mind to being incredible lol,  but there are definitely  some cute ones and I'm pretty happy with them. Brielle's 9.5 month professional pics :-)

Here are my favorites (Sorry for the low quality....they  are just  screenshots) Pictures by Darcy

This is  one  of my favorites--it captures her scrunchy  nose laugh perfectly

Eyelashes :-)

I love her expression in this one

ETA, in talking with Lee we picked  a few more we like :-P

And yes, this dress in retrospect was not a good choice. It's too big and didn't photograph well
But I thought the blue would look good with  her eyes. Oh well! Still a couple cute ones.


  1. So adorable, I love the ones of her in that vest. The scrunchy face one is my favorite!!!


  2. I love the last two you posted in the white outfit. (Actually, I kinda love all fo them in the white outfit!) And that pink outfit is adorable too!! Too bad she was done by then!!

  3. Great pics!!!! Lots of favorites, will have to study for a while,pretty, pretty, baby girl!!!!!
    Grama F


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