Friday, November 4, 2011

Adorable pictures *plus* a GIVEAWAY REMINDER!

Yeah, yeah, you're probably  already sick of my giveaway rambling, but  I'm sorry--I'm going to keep reminding everyone until the giveaway is over one week from today!So if you haven't already entered my giveaway please do! You can find rules and details in my previous blog entry HERE
And thanks to all of my new followers and Facebook  fans too! But just a reminder, you must comment  either here on my blog *or* on my Facebook page in order to be entered into my giveaway so don't forget to do that :-) I don't  want to just assume that every follower and fan is interested in the giveaway so if you want entered just comment telling me so!

Now onto some cute  pictures! First, I  ordered long sleeve tshirts for the cold weather season--for my shop. Now normally I'm disappointed with "unisex" shirts because they tend to look more like boy  shirts with the fit and cut. However I just got in my first shipment of long sleeve tshirts today and I'm so impressed with how equally  cute they look on both boys AND girls! I am watching my niece and nephew today and Sawyer  was more than happy to help  Raya model for me :-) He  told me he'd really  love me to make him "a red shirt like this---with bunnies on it"  LOL. We'll  see buddy :-P

Now for the record, all of my designs are available on these long sleeve shirts (a variety of colors available--sizes 2T-5/6)...these shirts are an additional $3 so you just purchase the long sleeve upgrade along with whatever design you want in my store. Long sleeve white onesies are always a *free* upgrade though.

I can't wait to make  some new designs on these!

In other  news, today  while the babies  took their morning nap the big kids and I did Thanksgiving turkey handprint pictures (idea from Pinterest of course!)....they turned out great! It was hard for me not to help them make the pictures look perfect (picking coordinating fall papers, etc.) but  I decided they should be able to do them how they wanted :-) So they each  picked 4 "special papers" to make the handprint turkey feathers and then they drew with pencil on the background writing/drawing things they are Thankful for. The pencil backgrounds needed some interpretation though so that others would know what they were I had them dictate to me the things they were thankful for as well. Here are the masterpieces!

Raya's (In case you can't read it she  was  thankful for "Dada, sissy and Harper, green cup, Barney and Baby Bop, kids, and candy"  ....I love how the first thing that  came to her mind was "dada"....when Mama was the one doing the s tinkin' craft with her! ;-)

And Sawyer's ...he was thankful for "snow, birds, his green cup, mommy and daddy, his pen, Barney, flowers, his snack, the raspberry bush, Shawna's trampoline and tree house, and his candy bucket"  :-P

Oh, back to me taking pictures  of the new long sleeve shirts. I had taken them outside  for pictures and  the babies flocked to the front door to watch us like poor, neglected children :-P

"Yay! She's coming for us Harper!"

And although the babies missed out on our fun handprint craft, I do have this:

I may or may not have bribed the big kids with candy in exchange for the modeling. And Raya  may  or may not have reminded me the *second* she walked inside so that I didn't forget!

Oh, and Raya may or may not be wearing a swimsuit cover-up as a dress today :-P

What else? Have you guys seen  the "Choo Choo Soul" dances  on Disney? Well Raya  loves dancing along and today all the kids got in on the action!

They decided they needed dancing headbands on :-)

These next few need no explanation ...awwwwww

Today I was cleaning up the kitchen and things were pretty quiet. I went around the corner to see what was going on and I walked  into  story hour! Being good as can be :-)

Let's not forget the babies today...being good as well! Although poor Brielle has a nasty cold :-(

Now  some quick ones from yesterday---Raya wanted to drink her "bottle" like Brielle

Raya loves to smell  the flowers Lee  gave me for our anniversary. Although the flowers have  slowly dwindled and died  off and  without fail  Raya always  chooses the one dead flower left to "smell" LOL

And here is Brielle WALKING yesterday! She just started walking (pushing the doll stroller) everywhere! I  will be very surprised if she isn't walking unassisted by her  1st birthday, but we'll see!

She's a lady with places to go people! And don't you love the dangling monkey paci :-)

....but she still  takes a spill  every now and then.  That  stroller gets to  going too  fast  for  her  little short legs to keep up!!

And I'm saying one thing I'm thankful for at the end of each entry this month, so today I am thankful for my niece and nephew! I love being able to  have them over to my house regularly  now that we've moved back and it's so fun seeing the friendships between them and my girls--it's going to be fun watching them all grow up together!


  1. the new shirts are cute. Love all the pictures. Sawyer is looking stylish in his headband, LOVE IT! Hope Brielle feels better soon. YAY for her walking Keira walks around with that same stroller.


  2. Love, Love Love the pics!!! Love the hands on the windows of the babies. Love the pics of sawyer and Raya hugging. Love the pic of Raya smelling the dead flower... the new tshirts look really nice, I agree they are cute for boy or girl!!!Have fun this weekend with Grandpa and grandma Huffendick!!
    Grama F

  3. Great pictures. Your kids are too cute.


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