Monday, November 14, 2011

(Almost) 30 months old

So my bloggy friend over at Sweet N Sassy Girls is great about continuing to do monthly  updates for her daughter that is Raya's age. I made it to Raya's first year and kinda stopped LOL. Oops.  Anyways, Since Raya is going to be 30 months old (2.5 years---can you believe it?!) on the 18th I thought today we'd do a little update on her. Especially since today all  the stars aligned  and they just happened to be wearing their new matching shirts from my little outlet trip last weekend when Raya suddenly wanted to be sweet and cuddly with Brielle!  ($4 shirts at Gymboree---that's practically unheard of! Emily got Harper an orange one)

So here are  Raya's current "stats", interspersed with cute pictures from their hugging and playing this morning....enjoy!

Raya weighs about 35lbs right now and I have no idea about her height, but I  know that  the last time she was checked she was around the 80th-ish %ile for weight and closer to the 60th%ile for height. She has shorter legs and a long torso, or so I think. She currently wears 3T-4T shirts and 3T pants. Pants are very tricky to buy for her b/c length wise she is more of a 2T---just barely 3T....but waist wise she's a 4T. The 4T pants are waaaaay long so we have to stick with very stretchy or loose 3T pants.

Raya's favorite toys/activities right  now are : Her baby bop stuffed animal, her big owl pillow, books, puzzles, and anything that could  be considered a game or craft. She hasn't been playing with her baby Anna very much recently, because she's been on such a baby bop kick. She has also backed off wanting to  color as much---although she still likes to when Sawyer is around.

Raya's favorite foods right  now are: cereal (any kind), peanut butter  sandwiches (currently banned :-P), string cheese, yogurt, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, hot dogs, milk, granola bars, goldfish crackers, chips, candy, icecream, cookies, hamburger, apples, bananas, strawberries, etc. She doesn't  like: salads of any kind, soup, deli meat, juice (or any liquid  other than white milk and water), smoothies, or most raw veggies.

Caught her  mid squeal!
As far as her language development, she never shuts up! LOL. I can pretty much understand most evereything she says....the times when I have trouble are often when she says something that I don't expect her too---something more "mature" sounding than her 2 years :-) Besides the normal every day talking, she says some things regularly that  make me laugh. For one, every night when it gets dark she goes to the window and says "I not see Ray Ray's car---it's too dark!"  ....she seems fascinated with the dark and how she can't see. When we drive in the car at night she says "I not see mama drive!". Funny how their minds work. Her other funny thing she says now is every time before nap and bedtime I have to sing "the sunshine song"----aka "you are my sunshine". Well, I started faking that I couldn't remember which one it was, so I might start singing the abcs, or itsy bitsy spider, etc. and she always squeals and says "no! sunshine song!" and will hold my face in her hands ....and then when I start singing you are my sunshine she lays her head down on my shoulder and whispers "yeah, that's right...that one Mama"'s so cute.

As far as her sleeping habits, she goes to bed between 7:30-8pm and wakes up 12 hours later. She's a pretty consistent sleeper at night, sleeps in her big girl bed---we have no trouble at all so we're very lucky! She has never once in her  life expected us to lay with her, her come to our room, she doesn't throw fits when it's time for bed (usually---every once in awhile she wants to stay up and watch a show but she forgets about it really quickly) works out great because I really count on my girls to go to bed at decent times and quickly, because then at night is when I work on Etsy orders!

Recent milestones include: sleeping in her big  girl bed and giving up the crib, puts on her own shoes, climbs into her own carseat, brushes her own teeth, shows interest in undressing herself, is ready to potty train but I've just  been too lazy---I'm sure she'd potty train quickly if I tried again because before the move I had her completely "pee trained" and just needed to work on the pooping ;-o, can pick up her own toys when asked, likes to help fold laundry, especially wash clothes, can get her own bowl and silverware out of the cupboard, etc.

We're very lucky to have this little girl in our lives and I"m so looking forward to the upcoming holidays with my darling girls!

And in other  news, here is what I did all day yesterday while my mom had the girls:

A wholesale turkey shirt order for the mall. Hope all the kids like their shirts--if I had twins they'd be wearing these :-)


  1. Happy almost 30 months Raya. You and Kaylee sound so much alike. I think we lived close you two would be BFFs


  2. PS- thanks for the shout out! =)


  3. LOVE the turkey shirts!! So adorable!

  4. The girls look soooo cute together!!!
    Love the turkey shirts!!

  5. I LOVE the 2nd and 5th pictures where Raya is smooshing Brielle's eye/face. So cute!

    And I want one of those Turkey shirts! Ok, really I want one of everything on your Etsy store :)

  6. omgsh!!! love all of the pictures. SO CUTE! love their little shirts too. we have that problem with my 3 year olds pants, except shes the opposite. lol. her legs are SO long and her waist is tiny, so we have to buy 4T adjustable waist pants, and adjust them as far as they'll go, and they're usually still baggy. childrens pants are annoying since all kids are different sizes lol. absolutely LOVE those turkey shirts, you did a great job on them. They're going to love them. :)


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