Saturday, November 12, 2011

Come virtual shopping with me :-)

So tonight sucks. Raya is sick and cuddled on the couch with me watching shows and trying not to puke....and has a fever. Oh joy.

During the day today we had a great time though! My mom watched all the grandkids so that my SIL and I could go to the outlet mall (and my parents even gave us each some spending money--yeah, they are that cool :-) So I used my money to get Raya a Christmas outfit, the girls some holiday pjs, Raya some snow gloves, some more Christmas books, and a few other things :-P

Some come along with me and let's see some of my cool finds!

First, Brielle didn't get a Christmas outfit b/c Raya had two holiday sweater dresses for her first Christmas, and I had bought them big for her (thankfully!) so they should fit Brielle ...yay.

Remember Miss Raya in this cute little dress? I'm sure Brielle will be just as cute!

We also have this cute  hand me down from Raya---this was her Christmas card outfit :-)

...and for good measure, let's remember how cute Raya looked in her santa hat!

Since Raya is sick she obviously can't model her new Christmas outfit, but I googled some pictures :-P I actually found the dress and matching sweater at the Gymboree outlet...I think it's actually from a spring or summer line so that's why it was clearanced, but I think it's perfect for Christmas and Raya can then still wear the dress this summer since it's not an actual holiday dress--yay for double duty and saving money :-)

Here is the little polka dot  dress

She will wear her red sparkly shoes from her  devil costume :-P And white tights.

And here is the coordinating sweater I got to go with  it (and some random girl I don't know modeling it on google :-P)

The red flower thing is attached to her necklace---not the sweater
So I just need to make Raya a matching hair pretty and she'll be good and festive!

Then I got the  girls festive pjs at the Carter's outlet because awhile ago I read online somewhere some people who had a tradition of opening new holiday pjs on Thanksgiving night---as a way of ushering in the Christmas season. I thought that was a great idea! So we will be wrapping these pjs up and opening them Thanksgiving night to put on for bed :-) Raya can actually still fit into her santa pjs from last year, so she didn't really need more santa pjs---so I got her these fun holiday pjs instead: See here!  I loooooove pjs with tutus....I'm a little obsessed. Brielle and Raya each have a purple pair of the tutu pjs. And since Brielle doesn't have any holiday pjs at all that got handed down (Raya didn't really have any for her first xmas I guess, and she can still wear the ones from last year) so Brielle needed something a little more Santa-y :-) See here!  Yeah, they will be A-DORABLE for sure.

What else? Well  remember that sock monkey romper I got Brielle from Old Navy? Well they had a holiday sock monkey outfit that I was drooling over, but not in Brielle's size. Low and behold the outlet mall had the right size---it was fate you guys, I had to buy it! Here is the onesie: Here  And I got the matching pink and red striped pants too :-)

So thanks mom and dad---we love our new stuff!!!

And since yes, I realize  Thanksgiving comes before Christmas and yada yada yada, let's pay Thanksgiving some respect and all remember Raya on *her* first Thanksgiving!

And now to figure out how to put a sick  kid to  bed so that I can work on Etsy orders. I'm swamped with orders you guys! Don't know if people are finding me through all the facebook "liking" and people sharing my shop on their blogs, but if so thanks! I'm drowning in orders, but making money at the same time so it's all good :-)

....and we made it through this update without me being puked today has been a success for sure 

ETA-----seriously, not 1 minute after I hit "publish" on this entry Raya threw up all over. And apparently she is against using her special "puke bucket" b/c she kept pushing it out of my hands and instead trying to hug me while puking, so during that little battle she puked on my face. MY FACE. There really is no job more rewarding then being a mom. yuck :-P We are all changed and settled back in on the couch now though. Let's try this again....


  1. Oh, I feel for you! When my kids had stomach flu last February, Graham was VERY afraid of the bucket... I almost think he thought the bucket was MAKING him sick. I got it in my ear and hair but not on my face! Yowza! You need a drink. Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  2. Poor Raya !!!!!! That came on sooo fast, she was fine during the day!!! She played ,ate and slept like normal!!! Love all the new clothes, I just can not believe how little Raya was just a year ago!!! You know how I feel with Brielle getting all the hand me downs, but those two outfits are adorable!!!!! Not your normal hand me downs!!! See you bright and early today!
    Grama F

  3. Those were actually pictures of her from TWO years ago mom :-)


  4. Love the holiday outfits!! And poor Raya! I'm sorry for you that she chooses you instead of a bucket! (That's love though, right?) Hope she woke up feeling 10 times better!

  5. Hope Raya feels better soon!
    Love all the new clothes. I got the girls matching PJs. What a fun idea to open the pjs on Thanksgiving night, I might have to steal that idea.


  6. Awe! Poor Raya. Hope it passes soon and she starts feeling better. LOVE the pjs, so cute! & That PJs on Thanksgiving tradition sounds fun too, we do that on Christmas Eve. :)

  7. I hope Raya is feeling better tonight and you both were able to get some sleep. Love all the holiday clothes!

  8. YAY do a update on Raya it would be fun to compair her and Kaylee cause they've always been pretty much the same! haha

    I'm hoping that all of wedding pins will get to be used soon! We've been talking about it a lot lately! I think its time, its been 9 years! LOL



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