Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daddy day---poor girls!

So this afternoon Lee was in charge while I had my mini vacation and went Christmas shopping haha. Lee called me about 5 times and each time Brielle was crying in the background ....needless to say I think Brielle had a rough day with Daddy! But I returned home to both kids in bed asleep, so since he kept them alive I guess we'll call it a success :-)

The good news is that I think I am all done shopping for the girls! Raya got a couple more Melissa and Doug puzzles/activities (Michaels had it 40% off! It was pretty picked over but I got her a wooden clock puzzle since she's loving clocks right now....and a alphabet train puzzle that ends up 10 ft long lol. She will love it.) Then that was about the only good stuff Michaels had left but another store had the Melissa and Doug snap and sort activity on sale, and my friend Teri had told me awhile back that her daughter (Raya's age) loved it--looks pretty cool! I also got Raya a cute Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck shirt at Target...I'm always on the look out for "character shirts" that aren't obnoxiously ugly, and this one is adorable. But let me say, I can't find Barney stuff anywhere! Geesh...everywhere I look are mickey, dora, seasame street, etc. coloring books, movies, games, toys,......and I didn't see a single Barney thing anywhere. Guess it's good I bit the bullet and ordered her that shirt on etsy! Oh, and I also got her this cool playdough ice cream toy because she has playdough, but not a single activity like this for the playdough. She just has a couple little cookie cutter things. Then I got her a few other random things....and found some minnie mouse socks and a giant minnie mouse pen in the $1 section at Michaels, so those will be her stocking stuffers.

And what did I get Brielle? NOTHING. Think this year I'm just going to enjoy spoiling Raya at the expense of Brielle's gifts, but she won't have a clue and she has her birthday right after anyways :-) So I am calling myself DONE shopping for the girls. They were the easy ones! Now onto the harder people on my list....

While I was gone today lee "interviewed" Raya. I'll  share (he wrote it down)...I"m surprised she even had logical responses to some of his questions LOL:

What's your favorite color? "Green"
Who's your favorite character? "Baby Bop"
What's at the end of your feet? "Socks"
What's at the end of your finger? "Nail"
What's your favorite drink? "Milk"
What's your favorite treat? "Candy"
What's your favorite snack? "Cereal"
What does Daddy hunt? "Deer"
What do you like to catch? "Butterflies"
What do you do in the yard? "Play with Griffy"
Who do you love most? "Daddy, Mama, Daddy"
Who's your favorite puppy? "Griffy"
What's your favorite game? "Baseball"
What's your favorite thing to do with Daddy? "Play outside"

And lastly, an etsy upday. Well, tomorrow I will be sequestered in my sewing nook working all day on orders! Hoping to make a good dent in them, but they just keep coming in! Wanna know what is amazing to me? I have a train shirt that is my most HATED design to make---it has about 1000 little peices to cut out and sew and in general is just a pain in my ass :-P I really need to revamp the design into something easier to make LOL. Anyways, because it's so annoying to make I've always priced it pretty high. Well recently I raised the price to $30 plus shipping, thinking that would be too expensive for people and it'd save me from having to make the shirt hehe...and then if on the off chance someone *did* buy it, it'd be worth the hassle to make. Well guess what shirt I sold TWO of tonight? Yes, that freakin' train shirt! Two different people  bought it tonight--can't believe it. It's too stinkin' cute, that's the problem ;-) Guess I better raise the price to $40 next time!!!!

To end, since I wasn't here today to take pics of the girls I thought I'd share a couple "outtakes" from Brielle's professional session.

The photographer tried to get her on her belly for some pictures and she would not stay still for anything! I had to keep grabbing her feet and "dragging" her back into position, while she tried to claw her way forward and off her belly LOL---here is the product of those efforts :-P

Desperately trying to break free and crawl away!

Perhaps the funniest (and most frustrating!) of the entire day was the pink  outfit haha. It was last and she was wanting to crawl down the alley---NOT sit still and pose. The photographer tried using a white chair to contain her but Brielle kept kneeling in it, spinning around, trying to nose dive off of it, etc. So soon it was me, spinning the chair  around trying to keep her face towards the camera, and Brielle always spinning back opposite the way I wanted her too! She thought it was just hilarious too, as you can see :-P

And then the white  outfit was the show stopper downtown...everyone would stop to comment on how adorable she looked in her vest and boots! Well, it was great to hear how adorable my baby was, but the bad part was that Brielle was then focused on her crowds of admirers hehe. Here she was trying to figure out why people kept staring (and I think why the crazy lady with the camera wouldn't just hurry up already and let her crawl around !)

That's all  I got tonight people.


  1. Awesome job with your Christmas shopping! I'm done with Cael but need a few more things for Graham. December's task is the rest of the family!

    PS- I LOVE the shot of Brielle in the white vest. She's beautiful in all of the pics, but babies in white look so angelic! (Even if they're not!)

  2. Good to know I'm not the only one who starts with the kids first. They are the easy ones--lists a mile long and pretty much happy with anything! :-)

    Thanks, I love the white vest too!


  3. Glad you had a nice day off shopping. Its so nice to be done with your kids so early. I should be done by this time next week. :)

    & Yes, I love that white outfit. SO CUTE! :)

  4. I'm jealous! But I will be taking my Mommy day SOON to hopefully get all of my Christmas shopping done!

    The pictures of Brielle in the white outfit are absolutely beautiful! I still haven't scheduled Kyla's 1 year pictures yet. I want to find a new photographer and just haven't been able to find a reasonably priced one. I am stressing out about a picture for her birthday invite! Haha.

    Glad to hear you are busy with your Etsy orders :)

  5. Thanks!

    If it makes you feel better I didn't even put a picture on Raya's one year birthday invites :-) My photographer makes you buy invites in large quantities and I didn't need that many, so for Raya I just ordered some invites that matched the theme but didn't have a picture.



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