Sunday, November 6, 2011

Death by falling flower :-o ...well, *almost*

So yeah, poor Brielle almost  died the other day due to a falling potted plant! I swear, that girl is keeping me on my toes--she's into everything! We were downstairs and I turned my back for  a second to pick up some things and before I knew it she had speed crawled over the the plant stand way across the room and pulled the entire metal plant stand and giant ceramic pot with potted plant down on top of herself! She started SCREAMING and I  was just sure  that  when I looked her  over we'd need stitches, etc. etc. because we're talking a very heavy pot and sharp pointed metal stand, but thankfully she escaped with only a scratch on her nose! So  for today's "I am thankful for...." post I am definitely thankful that my little cutie wasn't disfigured by falling flowers! Phew.

Also, today  I  was  mighty pleased with myself  for finding some cabinet safety locksand thwarting Brielle's attempts to empty my cupboards every two seconds. You can see my nifty locks in the background of this picture. ....the same picture that clearly shows Brielle will not be stopped THAT easily. If she can't mess up my cupboards she'll just turn her attention to my rugs!

The  child is a tornado leaving destruction in her  path :-P

What else? Well this weekend we were hosting the inlaws. They came up to see our new house for the first time. Here  are the girls posing with Grandma H...who is the one the girls look the most like based on baby pictures. They take after Lee, who looks a lot like his mom....and his mom's baby pictures definitely resemble the girls' pictures as well.

This morning Lee and  Raya cooked up some "cupcakes" aka muffins for breakfast. Raya got to do her favorite things in the world--stir and crack eggs :-)

Then they went for  a pony ride :-P

Isn't Miss Raya just the  prettiest?

She's especially pretty when she does her classic "cheese" smile, don't you think? :-P

This morning I tried coaching Raya on a more attractive smile. I bribed her with candy if she would "smile pretty at Mama and don't  close your eyes"  ....this is what earned her the candy:

At least she tried! haha

To end today, don't forget about my giveaway going on!! We have just over 15 people who've entered so I *will* be picking a 1st and 2nd place winner---yay! But I still need more people to enter. I'm just one  person away from having 50 followers on my blog everyone! Who's going to be lucky #50? (Check out my previous blog entry for giveaway details)

...and you know what is mind-blowing to me? I have like 45 people who've "liked" my Facebook  page, and only a fraction of those people have entered the giveaway. Do they not like free stuff?!? If you are one of those people then don't forget to comment here or on Facebook telling me you want entered into the giveaway! Christmas is just around the corner---you'd be crazy to pass on FREE :-)

...and speaking of Christmas, I have a new design in my shop...a ribbon Christmas tree shirt  This is soooo cute you guys. I'm going to make Brielle one in red/green I think. There's no better  time to splurge on handmade kid's clothes then when you are preparing for  Christmas parties and tons of holiday pictures, so just let me know if I can help you design a custom holiday outfit for your little one(s)!!!

And one more thing....who else's children didn't get the memo about "fall back"?? Brielle was up at 5am!! Did she not know the clocks changed this morning?! ;-)


  1. glad that Brielle is ok! Her and Keira sound so much alike, Keira is all over the place and into EVERYTHING!!!

    Love the new christmas shirt!


  2. Brielles pretty little nose,almost ruined!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes Raya is very, very, pretty!!
    I really like the xmas shirt, I think it will be really cute in reds and greens etc!!!
    Grama F

  3. Shawna- We've had a lot of near misses in our house, too, so I can sympathize!

    Regarding the giveaway, I'm one of those idiots that liked the page and never did anything about it! So now, I'm an old follower of the blog, a new follower of the FB page, and I commented with my favorite items... hard to choose!

  4. Hudson is for sure one of those that did not get the memo! what the "daylight" savings here, just an extra tired momma who stupidly stayed up a little later thinking I could get that extra hour haha

    Also, very glad the near miss was just that, and nothing more :D

  5. Thanks for the comment. Kaylee does really well & likes to have her hands painted. With Keira I held her hand and daddy painted her hand really quick. I love how it turned out. We'll be working on a few other thanksgiving projects this week


  6. My 3-year-old is also starting to shut her eyes everytime I ask for a smile. Then I started tickling her and saying, "hold that face!" (That doesn't really work either, but it's better than nothing!)

    Those pics of Brielle remind me what it's like to have a mobile baby. I don't know if I'm ready to do all that work again!!

    Also, I think you inspired me to make muffins tomorrow... it's been too long!

  7. Oh my, how scary! Glad she got away with just the scratch! Kyla's new thing is to try to crawl up the stools we have in our kitchen. Today she pulled one over on her and hit her right square in the face. And then at Target she managed to bite her tongue until it was bleeding. Darn girls!

    I LOVE the new Christmas shirt and might just NEED that :)

    Raya's smiles crack me up! She's so cute no matter what and I actually think the scrunched up face is adorable!

  8. OMG, I have the SAME problem with my giveaway. What is WRONG with people?! Turning down FREE stuff? That's just crazy talk!


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