Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First SNOW of the season! ...and a big scare :-o

We woke up this morning and saw SNOW! Raya was so excited--she kept blabbering about how the snow was white and cold and she was going to play in it and make a snowman etc. etc....then she insisted on getting her boots and by 7:30am we were out the door  in the snow. In the cold, wet, blowing snow. Early. Before my coffee. And with 20 minutes of prep time bundling them all up to spend 15 minutes outside before Brielle and Mama called it quits (Raya would have lasted a lot longer!). But  you know what made it all worth it? Getting "first snow" pictures, because Brielle was too little to actually  play in snow last year!

So here's to documenting baby firsts! Brielle clearly loved it :-P

And let's just  say, cold wet snow blowing in your face makes  for some super attractive photos LOL

This was as close to a "sisters" picture as I  could get. I imagined two smiling girls with coordinating snow sets hugging in the snow and  giggling for a photoshoot. Instead I got this:

Oh well!

Raya had  fun  stomping in the wet snow and brushing snow off of things in the yard. I  need to get her some real snow boots and waterproof gloves though b/c her  little cotton gloves were soon soaked  and her feet had to have been cold in those rainboots!

Brielle actually did  much  better in the snow than I  anticipated .  She never  cried or anything---but maintained a look of "when is this  going to be over so that I can get warm and have my paci back?" hehe

Let's remind everyone of Raya *last* winter

...and Brielle's only e xperience with playing outside last winter:

And let's just  say I was so thankful this morning that I could  sit inside in my pjs instead  of going outside to scrape off my car for work! Lee better  get all the boxes out of our garage soon so I can park inside!

Ok, now  for my "real" Thankful post of the day. I am thankful for this little  girl, who scared the living daylights out of me this morning

You see, Raya has ALWAYS eaten like a starving African child  who's  just been given her first taste of food in over a week---she shovels food in. We tell her "take small bites!" but if we're not standing right by her sometimes she will decide she wants down from the table for some reason and so she'll  just  shove the rest of her food in her mouth and try to get down from the table.

Well today she was eating a peanut butter sandwich and before I knew it she was down from the table with a mouthful and then the next thing I know she's choking--for real CHOKING! I literally had  to do (my pathetic version of) the heimlich maneuver! Are my kids the only  ones who  scare me me near death experiences constantly?! Good lord! So anyways, at first she was just kinda gagging I thought so I went  over  to her and before I knew it she had the wide-eyed turning bright red no noise coming out choking face--insert panic! I've been trained (through my old job) in CPR and heimlich etc. but you know how that goes--you have a general vague memory of what to do but never really plan to do it and in the heat of the moment you aren't thinking clearly anyways! So I just  took  Raya and did some random, distant cousin version of the heimlich and thankfully I managed to dislodge 3 giant chunks of peanut butter bread. And as she starts crying, through her tears I can hear her make out the words "I hungry mama, I eat!"    ARE YOU SERIOUS CHILD?! You almost choke  to death and the first thing you want to do after you can breathe again is eat MORE food?! Ya  gotta love her.

Now ever since  then Raya keeps saying "I choke on floor Mama" ---because her  food  fell onto the  floor after I did the heimlich. And then she says "I  take small bites" , because  that's all  I've said since then--Raya, you have  to take SMALL  BITES! Oy. I'm practically pre-chewing Brielle's food now. As though I wasn't paranoid enough.

So anyways, I'm VERY THANKFUL that this morning didn't turn out a lot worse and Raya  seems completely fine. Let this be every parent's reminder that if you don't  know how to do CPR, etc. please take a class, buy a training video, or something. I know I have been more paranoid about Brielle and choking lately, but children under 3-4 years old are still high risk according to statistics! Ok, we'll now end my PSA and return to regularly scheduled blogging :-P

Here's one more  cute one of Raya  from this  morning. She told me "It's just snot Mama"

Pretty sure this look of Brielle's means "don't make me go back  out there!"

Wanna know Raya's new favorite thing to do? Brush her teeth! She hated the toothpaste I bought last time (some strawberry kids stuff) and so she'd just been brushing with water until I got something different. Well yesterday I let her pick out bubble gum flavored princess toothpaste and a new toothbrush, and now she's brushing like 3-4 times a day haha. I'm sure the new-ness will wear off soon

To end, here is Brielle helping me "fold" the laundry yesterday hehe

Oh, one more thing. Today I got a blog award!

It's given to super awesome up and coming blogs with fewer than 200 followers--phew, good thing I don't have *quite* that many (yet!) hehe. It was given to me by my friend Mary who blogs over at It is what it is . Definitely go check her blog out. She's a "real" blogger-- you know, one who actually thinks about her blog posts and has a storyline and topic to discuss and doesn't rely on cute pictures of her kids but instead is funny and insightful and stuff.  Well, she does have cute pictures of her kids too :-P  I will be passing it forward to a few of my blog picks later---this entry is already long enough for now. Happy snow day everyone! :-)


  1. we want to take the girls to snow this year.
    how scary, glad that Raya is ok. Absolutely love that first picture of Raya after the snow pics...super adorable!!


  2. Wow, so scary! I am so paranoid too, which I'm sure every mom is. I took a infant cpr class shortly after Kyla was born and I'm so thankful I did. Glad Raya is ok!

    I need to get Kyla some snow pants and boots. We had snow here today, but nothing that stuck to the ground. Your girls look adorable in their snow gear!

  3. Poor Raya and good for you Mama!! I too, am constantly nervous one of my kids will choke.

    P.S. Love the girls coats!! I'm pretty sure my daughter Taryn is going to get Raya's coat for her birthday on Friday, from my sister! (From Target?) Yay!

  4. What a scare! I was certified, but it has been SOOO long that I really need to do it again in case we find ourselves in the same situation! Graham is my food shover-inner and I'm always paranoid, too!

    Thanks for the nod! I don't know a whole lot of up-and-comer blogs, so I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone shares!

  5. Poor Raya, I'm sooo glad she is OK!!!I cried at the thought of what could have happened, then laughed because I could just hear her saying, I hungry mama,I eat!!!!! You just gotta love that child!!! Love the snow pics!!!
    See you all bright and early in the morning~
    Grama F

  6. Omgsh! How scary. So glad Raya is okay. I always had to be CPR certified for my old job, but now that I'm a stay at home mom, I really should brush up on my skills. When you said she eats like a starving africa child, all I could think about was my Kaylee. She eats like its going out of style. haha. & I'm so jealous of the snow you guys got. I LOVE snow and cant wait to get some. :) Hope you're having a good week. :)

  7. I can't believe you have snow already... I was eating lunch outside today and sweating my booty off. haha!
    And, omg, so glad your scare was just a scare... good job thinking on your feet! Super Mommy!


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