Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 10 months Brielle!


Today is 11-11-11, probably the 2nd coolest "birthday" you'll ever  have after your very first birth day on 1-11-11! I can't  believe  how fast these 10 months have gone--you're  not my little baby anymore! As hard as those newborn days are I  do sometimes miss cuddling you all  day--there's nothing quite as sweet as a newborn baby. However I  get excited each day I see you grow too, because I  know how much fun is to come! Especially now after watching your sister grow I  am excited to see you take your first steps, start talking, develop your little personality, and even throw your  first tantrum! :-)

Girl, you have been keeping me on my toes this past month too! You are already so different from your sister. You're a very sweet and goodnatured baby, but you are so ACTIVE! I was definitely spoiled by  Raya not crawling...this  crawling stuff is crazy and all the moms who get super  anxious for their baby to  crawl  are nuts. NUTS! I  sometimes feel like an idiot because I'm a stay at home mom and often can't manage to do the laundry and empty the dishwasher, but that's because the second I put you on the ground you are into everything! You eat Raya's crayons, food off the floor, empty my cupboards, climb in the dishwasher, dump over my clean laundry bins, pull down my curtains, bang on the tv, eat my computer cords, get "stuck" under  kitchen  chairs, pull  over floor fans, lick  shoes, and generally cause all  sorts of problems for me! And "baby jail" is very hit  and miss with you. Sometimes you'll play in the play yard for a little  while, but  more often than not  if you see me leave the room to do laundry you will  start screaming. And nap time? Seriously child, 10 month olds are supposed to sleep more than 2 hours the entire day.  For real---ask around :-P

But with  all that craziness  comes LOTS of giggles, squeals, and smiles. I  love seeing you get excited when your big sister wakes up, and I love that Raya always asks for  you  to help  tuck  her in and give her kisses. You've  been an amazing addition to our family and I can't picture things any other  way. A little girl, born 1-11-11, 6lbs 7oz, named Brielle Alyn was EXACTLY who was supposed  to join our family. We love you so much!

And to end, some of my favorite pictures of  Brielle during these past 10 months! (a sock monkey  update  will  come later--too busy today  to get that done right  now haha)

This was everyone's first glimpse of you! I texted out this picture after you were born,
and it was the first picture of you that I blogged!

My little orange jaundice baby

This paci  was before the  introduction to monkey  paci!

This age is when you were so cuddly--I  still remember these pjs
They were my favorite!

Matching sweaters :-)

So happy 10 months baby girl!! Today we are all thankful for YOU!


  1. Happy 10 months to your baby! :) She is so beautiful! I love that first picture you took of her!

  2. Happy 10 months Miss Brielle. I feel ya on not getting things done cause Keira is the same way! and I have a feeling it will only get crazier in the next few weeks when Keira starts walking!

    I remember that first picture of Brielle. Baby #2 seems to grow up and do things so much faster than the first.
    Brielle babies are suppose to take longer than a 2 hour nap....just ask Kaylee & Keira who take 4 hours naps! LOL


  3. Happy 10 months to Brielle!!♥ Loved all of the pictures. She is adorable, both of them are. The second one goes by so much quicker. & omgsh, I agree about the naps. Peyton is the same way! She takes one nap a day, for exactly 2 hours, sometimes less. drives me nuts! lol. Shes been like that since she was about 3 months old. Crazy girls! lol. Hope you guys enjoy your day! :)

  4. Happy 10 months Brielle! I wish we lived closer to you guys so you and Kyla could get into trouble together! Haha. And then Kyla can teach Brielle how much fun sleeping is ;) Kyla does every single one of those things you listed. She especially loves licking shoes!

    I love the first baby picture. I miss those cuddly days too.

  5. Happy 10-month birthday Brielle! What an exciting time you've been having. My baby is 9-months old on Monday and she's starting to get into everything, though she's not as mobile (yet) but she's already slithering her way around and gets further each day, she's pulling things over on her, and she loves shoes too! It's so exciting to see how she's just starting her life and it's totally amazing to watch her grow and develop. She's so different to my son who wasn't quite into as much as her.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Jane xx

  6. Happy Birthday Brielle!! It's soooo hard to believe how fast the time goes!!! I wish all my grandbabies would stay little for awhile longer!!!
    Grama F

  7. AWW! Happy 10 month brielle! :D only 2 more months...she will be 1. Where has this year gone. Our babies are soon entering the toddler world!!

    I looove the picture with her owl beanie on, her eyes just pop!

  8. I also have to add, your not the only one with a "non napping" child. Hudson will MAYBE, if im lucky get in 2 hours throughout the day. He can stay up from 7am till 1 or 2pm and finally crash for a quick 45 min nap...grrr


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