Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I want one!

This  morning during Brielle's nap I had Raya help me make her some comfy fleece pants :-) I had never sewn with fleece before and had an inkling, so the other  day when I went into town I picked up some fabric and today in about 30 minutes I had a pair of pants! Fleece is awesome because you don't even have to finish the seams. I didn't even hem the bottom of Rayas...just did a quick  zig zag around the bottom to fake a hem. Since fleece doesn't fray it doesn't  matter! Pretty sure I will never buy the girls another pair of pjs  again lol. I'm going to make Brielle  matching ones and then maybe even shirts too.  I  wish  I had bought enough fleece to make myself a pair!!!

Raya likes headbands so much now that she even leaves this giant one on! The perfect  accessory for loungewear :-P

Here she is pointing to  the candy on top of the fridge....she pretty much knows now that modeling = candy haha

Wanna know Raya's new "thing" today? Whenever  I  tell  her  no, as in "no  more treats" for example, she has been saying "Grandma told Ray Ray YES!"   hahaha....she knows how to play the game, for sure :-P

Brielle wasn't  cooperating for pictures this morning...but just  to  prove she's still here...

"Smile pretty"
Last night we began our book advent calendar! I know we were a couple days early, but I know there will be a couple nights we are gone/busy in December  so I decided to just  start (plus I was excited!) Haven't had a chance to wrap all  the books yet, but I wrapped up a few to give Raya options when  choosing last night. She had so much fun! Notice the cute owl wrapping paper we are using for the books? ;-)

As soon as we opened it she ran over to pick out another one to unwrap hehe. I had to explain it's only 1 each night!

Today during morning nap we also  squeezed in a couple  crafts. You can't really see, but the  snowman is made of letters in Raya's  name. She helped me put the  letter stickers on and arrange them in order...and then decorate the xmas  tree ...she  loves glue! We also did a handprint rudolph :-)

Lastly, my sister in law's sister put a collage on her blog yesterday that I thought I'd  steal for here too ;-P It's a collage of my new nephew Ryan with all  his cousins as babies. Isn't it funny how much babies that age look alike? At least I think these do!

And one  last  one for good measure...Megan sent  out more  pictures  and I just had to show you all  how much hair Ryan has! I mean seriously, why couldn't  my girls have  gotten that  head of hair?!?! Guess I married the wrong brother ;-)   (just  kidding! ...well, I *do* want that head  of hair  on my last baby lol)

As much as I hate being preggo and the early months with a new baby  are exhausting, don't ya just  wanna have another to snuggle after seeing that picture?! ;-)


  1. Love the fleece pants, so cute! We went to the library today to get the rest of our books.


  2. LOVE those pants! Adorable! & I love the idea of a book advent calendar. Such a great idea! Super cute owl wrapping paper too.

  3. I'm so jealous of your sewing abilities. I love those fleece pants! I do think I could figure a few things out if I'd just spend the money on a machine and find time to practice.

    And yes, I am SO ready for another baby to snuggle with :)

  4. Love Rayas flower in her hair!!!!! Cute fleece pants, bet Raya loves them!! How did a
    Hufendick boy get all that hair, cruel joke on Gods part!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Aww, little Ryan is very cute!

    Love the fleece pants and Raya's flower. Where did you find the owl paper? Bet Christmas is going to be really fun this year. :)

  6. Found that paper at Target. Got cute Mickey/Minnie paper for "Santa" hehe



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