Friday, November 25, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! tonight we got out our new holiday pjs and said "Merry Christmas!" hehe

I swear, that  "smile" of Raya's  keeps getting more and more strange!

A little tutu wrestling--a staple in this house!

Brielle looked so stinkin' cute in her "santa's little  helper" pjs...I kept finding myself singing "Santa baby" to myself hehe

Today we got our some of our decorations and the fake tree. The fake tree is the "man room" tree, covered in all of Lee's hunting and fishing decorations that his mom buys him. Even has a shotgun shell "garland" LOL. We get a real tree every year of *my* girlie tree upstairs---not sure when we're going to go do that this year  yet.

...but Raya was thrilled helping with daddy's tree today

Kissing a moose :-P

Brielle was sequestered in baby jail during the decorating lol

...and when I got her out to "enjoy" the tree a little, she had a major meltdown! I think she's just waiting to help with Mama's tree. :-)

Gunner was just like "I remember the good old days when *I* got to help decorate the tree.

Since this is Brielle's  first Christmas, I feel  the need to document all her holiday attire! (oh, who am I kidding, I decorate all attire period, whether it's a first anything or not! :-)  ....anyways, here is Brielle wearing one of Raya's hand - me -down festive outfits

Getting excited!

Crash and burn :-P

My beautiful girl

Raya dressed festively today too. I tried to get her to model the ribbon tree shirt (which hasn't been nearly as popular as my other holiday shirts for some reason! I wonder if it's because people think they can just glue on some ribbon themselves? My ribbons are machine stitched all the way around so they look extra cute and wash up really well :-)

....anyways, Raya  wasn't being a great model for me. She tried though!

And her effort earned her a sucker reward of course!

Lastly, in case there was any doubt, Baby Bop lives  the good life around here. Today Raya came to find me and asked for milk--for Baby Bop. I showed her how her pretend cup could have milk in it and next thing I know she has Baby Bop all set up for a wonderful little snack hehe

Then she found  her  blender and fake fruit and she said "Baby Bop really likes this" haha. Good to know! Brielle helped add the strawberry :-P

Hope everyone had a great Friday! Ya  know what's sad? When I have a variety of items I need to get in town (basic groceries, sewing supplies, etc.) and I'm too terrified to leave my house because of the black friday crazies! Guess the rest of my Etsy orders will have to wait a day or two!


  1. Loving the Xmas jammies, so cute. Brielle looks good in red. Love raya's tree shirt. Hope you guys have a good weekend

    Thanks for the sweet comment. It's funny to look at kaylee cause she looks just like me when I was younger. Keira is a mix of Jason & his cousin josh.


  2. I absolutely love that ribbon shirt with the black velvet ribbon and the black tutu!! I am surprised no one is buying that, what a comfortable yet very dressy xmas outfit!!
    Grama F

  3. LOVE those Chrsitmas jammies & That ribbon chrsitmas tree shirt. Such cute pictures! I'm going to go look at your etsy shop now. :)


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