Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've entered the world of Facebook!

So  I finally  took the plunge  and created a Facebook  fan page for my Etsy shop No Paparazzi Please today! Check out my new  Facebook page HERE

And if you are interested in entering my next giveaway (stay's  coming this week  yet!) then I highly suggest you go over and "like" my new Facebook page, b/c that's going to earn you an entry into my next giveaway! If you are unfamiliar with Facebook you just click the "like" button at the top of my Facebook page, and then all  of my updates will start showing up on your news feed :-) Or you can go to my Etsy shop and click the "like" button at the top of that page too. Of course you must have a Facebook account in order to do this. So "like" my new page and spread the word!

In other news, today was a better day with the girls (thankfully). We had many more giggles and much less tears today!

Oh, and this shirt Raya is wearing?

That  was my latest experiment. You see, I have many pairs of knee high socks laying around (to make legwarmers with) and Raya has lots of short sleeve shirts that still  fit from this past summer, and very few long sleeve ones! So put the two together (literally) and you have a new long sleeve shirt that looks like the "2 shirts in one" style that  is so popular right now! Yes, I sewed socks to her shirt to make sleeves :-P It worked great and Raya thought it was super comfy! This would work for sizes as small as 3/6 months (looser fit arms) all the way to 4T/5T (more fitted arms). I  think this opens up all sorts of possibilities  if I were to use the fun patterned socks too! I'm thinking maybe Brielle's sock monkey birthday  outfit will have sock sleeves :-)

And yes, she's sitting on the  kitchen counter. Just one of the many reasons I love this new kitchen...counters contain toddlers who don't  like to stand still for pictures!

Not to leave out Brielle...

Raya loves stacking block towers, and rather  than buy a special set of blocks I  just let her use our Jenga game :-P

To end this  somewhat disjointed  update, here is Brielle's  latest obsession. Numerous times a day (like tonight before bed) I hear banging in the kitchen and run in to find this:

Guess she  found  what she  needed :-P

Oh, and since I've promised to end each update this month with something that I'm thankful for, tonight I am thankful for my husband's job! Not only  am I thankful he has *any* job in today's economy, but I'm very thankful that he worked  hard to secure a career where he can support the family and which allows me to stay home with the girls when they're little. With Raya I was very appreciative of how lucky  I was to stay home, but I think with Brielle I tend to take it for granted more because I've gotten so used to the idea of being a stay-at-home mom. But when I stop to think about the fact that Brielle is almost 10 months old and I've never had to leave her with a babysitter (other than my mom) it makes me very very thankful!! So thanks to the hubby for  working hard :-)  ...and we'll see if Lee reads this, because today he told  me that he often skims my blog and only reads parts when I mention him, to ensure  that I'm not making him look bad :-P

Don't forget to "like" my new Facebook  page!


  1. Love that you have started a Facebook page for your Etsy shop! I shared it on my page! :) Hope you get lots of fans!

    That shirt you made is adorable and does look super comfy!!!

  2. Like the page and shared it with my friends! Kyla hasn't started opening the cupboards yet. That must be coming next. She's too busy playing and trying to ruin our shades by the patio door.

    Love the shirt with the sock idea!

  3. Love the pics with the girls!!!! They are going to have sooo much fun together growing up!!! Did you come up with that idea for the sleeves? Great way to solve those short sleeve problems!!
    Grama F

  4. yay love it! Will make sure to share it with friends! :)

  5. Shawna- I feel the same way about Joel's job. And I think he only skims my blog too. In fact, I only hear feedback when I've told an embarrassing story about him. I think I'm going to start inserting his name randomly just to keep him on his toes! :)


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