Monday, November 21, 2011

Kiddie Glamour Shots

First off, Lee took some "timer" pictures of his recent daddy day---thought I'd share :-)

Clearly  his setup was a little off in this one hehe
In other news, I'm staying busy around here! Is it Thanksgiving yet? I  need a break lol. Oh wait, I volunteered to  have Thanksgiving at my house this year--gotta clean! At least my mom is making a majority of the food. Lee's parents are coming up and also my brother's family. Then our big Thanksgiving on my mom's side isn't until Sunday. Yum  Yum.

Today is Monday,  which is aka crazy day :-P

Actually, Monday's aren't too bad. I sit in the basement with my coffee and the today show, and every once  in awhile I peek  up the stairs to make sure the kids are still alive

Yep, still there :-P
Ok, Ok,.....just kiddin'. But  sometimes when I have to run downstairs quick I can't help but taunt the babies  a little :-P I like to stand on the steps and say "na na, you can't get me!" ....they love  it ;-)

How good is this picture  I managed to  get of them today?!

of course, then Harper started swatting at Brielle, which is her favorite thing to  do...

...and then when  I told Harper "no no" I  got THE LOOK.

This is one of my favs of Harper :-)



"Fine,  the hoodie  stays"
Sawyer likes  to watch  TV under  our coffee table for  some reason

And now begins my photoshoot attempts.

Seriously, when did my baby turn into a beautiful little  girl?!

Forehead kisses

A little tongue  action :-)

And now, my kiddie glamour shots--I was trying to get a good look at their eyes--so different but both so pretty! (or handsome ;-)

Raya got a little rash on her forehead after she was sick last week---and ended up with  a random scab on her forehead!

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!


  1. thatb picture of Brielle & Harper both smiling is absolutley adorable!
    At least Lee attempted to take pictures with the girls...Jason wouldn't even think of doing that!

    Have a great Thanksgiving at your house!


  2. Cute cute pics!!!!!!Love the pic of Harper after you told her no!!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Love the picture of Brielle trying to get the hood off her head & the one of Harper after you told her no. lol. Too Cute! Good luck having Thanksgiving at your house! :) Hope you guys have a good week.


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