Monday, November 7, 2011

Lawnmower, Shopping, Christmas book tradition, babies plotting, and thankful!

Like that  title? Yeah, I couldn't really tie all  that together in any logical way, so that's what  I came up with haha.

First off, this weekend Lee bought a mower. He's pumped, I am like "eh"....I mean, it's a lawnmower :-P But this one is much bigger than his last (quicker to mow the yard) and has a snow blade for plowing the driveway and other  random stuff  that I guess makes it yay for him I guess lol.

Since I ended up at home with the girls by myself while he was out negotiating his deal I put him in charge  of Brielle yesterday afternoon/evening while Raya and I had a girls day out :-) Brielle got to ride on the new lawnmower--every girl's dream I'm sure! Here she was all ready to go

And yes, I used  to swear up and down that  the girls would never ride on a lawnmower with Lee b/c it's dangerous, they could fall off and get run over, etc. etc....but then the logistics of being home with two ankle biters day after day set in, and Mama needs an occasional break--often when Daddy has to mow---and thus suddenly riding on the lawnmower didn't seem so bad after all! ;-)

While they did that, I told Raya she got to go with me into town. It was so stinkin cute...she kept saying "Brielle not go with  mama---Only Ray Ray. Brielle stay with Dada ok?" ...and I'd say "yes, only Raya  gets  to come with Mama because this is extra special  just for big girls" and then she'd say "yay!!" hehe. She was such a good girl too. While I was looking for onesies for my store she was playing with toys and all of a sudden I heard her say "ok Mama, let's go!" and here she comes pushing a big cart with a toy in it haha. She said she was buying it, and I was like "oh no, what  junky thing did she pick out?"....and then to my surprise she ended up picking probably the one toy in the  whole area that I would have picked out myself! She's such a good shopper :-P This year for Christmas the girls (from us) are only getting games/crafts/learning activities....partly because I don't want any  more giant toys that take up tons of room and also because Raya honestly loves those sorts of things and they are easy to store. Well what did she end up picking out to buy? A stacking block learning activity thing, especially suited for babies Brielle's age! It looks super cool so for $9 we bought it....and I'll be wrapping it up to Brielle from Big Sister at Christmas this year :-)

We also bought Brielle a cute  little  romper that  I  just couldn't  pass up. It's from Old Navy and it's a sock monkey romper you guys! So cute

It's not for's a "just because" present haha. Look at the ruffles on the  butt :-P

Old navy has tons of cute stuff  out right now. I even found myself oooohing and ahhhhing over boy clothes there! I know, right?! I couldn't believe it either. But for a second I was almost wishing Brielle was a boy because there was such cute stuff--ok, maybe it wasn't *that* cute, but you get the idea ;-)

Then we also stopped at my favorite 2nd hand  book store. I think I mentioned awhile back that this year we are starting the Christmas tradition of wrapping up 25 books and then letting the girls pick one book to unwrap each night as a countdown to Christmas...then we'll read the book as a family before bed. I'm SUPER excited about this. I already had maybe 5 Christmas books so awhile ago I set those  aside so that we aren't reading them---and they will seem new and exciting when we open them. Then I was still needing like 20 books obviously and books are expensive! I mean, $15 for one book---craziness! So I went to the 2nd hand bookstore and found these 11 books for a grand total of---wait for it--only $19! Yes, I'm super happy.

I got this idea off of Pinterest and I know many people who do it read only religious Christmas books, etc...but we are one of those horrible families who love Christmas because of Santa and Frosty and Rudoulph, and snow we have a nice mix  of books to get in the  holiday spirit :-) Lee's mom has given us some religious Christmas books though too so we'll have  a couple of those sprinkled in for good measure.

I think this is one tradition that the girls will love and get excited for every year--yay!

On another note, the babies are plotting to destroy me....

I mean, look  at her  evil  grin! An "angel" she is NOT :-P
Sawyer and Raya  crack  me up so much.  Sawyer has a great imagination and Raya is still too little to really do pretend play on her own (well, any elaborate story anyways) but she will play along with Sawyer following his every command. Today I heard Sawyer say, "Raya! Come under the table and bring something for show and tell!!" poor Raya, she has no idea what the  hell show and tell is LOL. So then Sawyer says "I'm bringing this super special string for show and tell---what are you bringing Raya?!"  ....and next thing I know Raya runs to the living room, grabs a random trinket, holds it up proudly for me and says "Here! Show and tell Mama!" and then runs under the table and starts mimicing Sawyer explaing his show and tell item at "school" haha.

Lastly, I  kid you not today I told Brielle "say cheese!" and she  did  this:

Is the closed  eye, scrunchy face "cheese!" smile  genetic or something?!

And for my "thankful" item today, I am thankful for my home! But not only  am I thankful for a place to call home, but I'm especially thankful for specific parts of my new home, and they may not be what you'd expect haha.

First, I"m very thankful for my first ever "lazy susan"....I  seriously am in love with this thing :-P

I am also thankful for pull out drawers. I mean, these are the  things  dreams are made of people!

...well, except babies think they are fun playthings

And lastly, perhaps the part of my house that  I'm *most* thankful for......this  door!

I've  never had an actual door on my laundry room before and it makes  me so happy to just  shut the door  and ignore the piles  of laundry---you know, so that I can blog in peace without having to look at the  laundry I should be doing instead :-P

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  1. It must be a guy thing they get so excited about stuff that us women think are not so exciting...LOL

    I love that 25 books idea. I need to start finding books too. I have like ONE!! haha

    Love that romper for Brielle, too cute!


  2. thanks for the sweet comment on Kaylee. Miralax is the new Rx the doctor just wrote. How did Raya react to it when you first gave it to her?


  3. 1. i LOVE the 25 days of xmas books. we do the 25 days of christmas countdown with 25 little random presents, i think the book idea is brilliant.
    2. i LOVE that you have a door to your laundry room.

  4. Love Brielles evil grin as she is messing up the kitchen! I can jusr hear Sawyer explaining show and tell to Raya!
    Grama F

  5. I've thought about doing the book idea, too, and was thinking of running to (what I'm guessing is) the same book store but maybe the good books are all gone! :)

    That's so cool that Raya "picked out" a gift for Brielle. I asked Cael what he wanted to get Graham for Christmas and let me just say that the responses were NOT in accordance with the spirit of giving. :)

  6. I am going to start collecting Christmas books too. What a GREAT idea! Kyla probably wouldn't appreciate it this year, but hopefully by next year I'll have enough books!

    I like those Crayola building things. I've been looking for something like that for Kyla, but everything was geared toward two and three year olds. I only looked by the toys. Maybe these would be by the school supplies and other Crayola stuff?

    I love the imaginations of kids. There's nothing better than listening to them play or tell "stories". Gianna has quite the imagination too!

  7. I love the 25 books until Christmas fun!


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