Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mama's girl---no, *really*

So today I  was reading one of my favorite blogs (Spohrs Are Multiplying ) and she was talking about how her 2 year  old is a complete Daddy's girl. And as she was writing about how her daughter will say "no, daddy do it!" or how sometimes they have to "force" her to give her mom a hug goodnight, etc. I was thinking to myself "that is so sad!" ....and then I thought about Miss Raya Marie. She does that *exact* same stuff only  she is a Mama's girl! Most of the time it's great (I mean, nothing like an ego boost to have your kid think you are the best, right?! :-) But other times it's really really annoying (like when Lee is volunteering to do baths and bedtime routine, and Raya is screaming "I neeeeeeeeeeed Mama!!!" and crying hysterically. Oh the drama :-P)

I've been trying lately to have Lee do more things with her when he's home, but at what point do you decide you're not  going to pick that battle? I mean, do you really put your kid in timeout and make her scream and cry because she doesn't want to let Daddy comb her hair? Isn't it kinda silly to force your kid against her will to let daddy read a bedtime book--what kind of daddy/daughter moment is it really if you're reading a book to a screaming hysterical toddler? :-P Anyways, that's kind of the state of affairs right now with  Miss Raya. She's stubborn and too smart for her own good, and she's a major Mama's girl! Oh well, guess I'll just enjoy it now, before she's a teenager who wants nothing to do with me :-)

Here are some pictures of *both* my Mama's girls--goodbye cardboard fort in the basement, and hello climber/slide :-)

Clearly we are working on taking turns with sissy

king of the mountain!

She was saying "look at my stinky butt Mama!"  LOL


  1. They look like they're having such a great time! I like Raya's stink butt and Brielle in the second picture... looks like her hair is starting to get longer! (Hair is on my mind today, I guess...)

  2. They should have alot of fun with the climber in that spot, you can still work on your orders, while they play!!!!
    You were just like Raya when you were little. Dennis had to take care of John when he was a baby because you only wanted me!!!!So sad they do eventually grow out of it!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Keira is the same way a total mommy's girl. Usually wants nothing to do with daddy & cries to have me take her back. Kaylee is a total daddy's girl but has her mommy girl moments.

    The girls looked like they were having a blast on the climber slide.

    Thanks for the comment, I hope she has an awesome 1st birthday. Our first of 3 thanksgivings tonight was awesome!!! I am so full I had to unbutton my pants!! LOL


  4. Oh, those slides look fun! Kyla loves her Daddy, but is starting to show her Momma's girl side when she falls and gets hurt. If he picks her up, she cries harder and reaches for me. I'm not going to lie, it's an ego booster for sure :)

    I forgot to tell you, I got the shirts on Monday! They are so cute (I already knew that though). I had the Christmas tree one put away, but Tyler saw the turkey one and said "That is one cute shirt!" That's a nice compliment coming from him :) I can't wait to put her in it tomorrow!

    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  5. Glad you like them! Can't wait to see pics! I'm probably going to send the other two xmas tree shirts next week some time so that they can start wearing them right away in December...and then I'll do Kyla's bday outfit a little later when my xmas sales slow down :-)



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