Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post-Halloween CRASH

So  let's just say that today has not gone so well. It all started when Raya  woke up and clearly had *not* forgotten for one second that she had a bucket full of candy. And so began my day long battle with a 2 year old over what could be eaten when. She ate m&ms for breakfast (after I did my motherly duty and made her eat breakfast first of course! She chose Fruit Loops....hey, don't judge! :-)

Then all day she kept saying "I full!", which in Raya speak  means she's hungry. Insert funny story now--so Raya always says "full" instead of "hungry". Well last night after trick or treating we went through the drivethrough in town for a quick supper and Raya was chanting that she was "full"....so Lee proceeded to give her a 2 minute lecture on the differences between "full" and "hungry" and he tried to get her to practice saying "hungry" etc.  etc. Well she kept saying she was full so then he started saying "no, you're *not* full...are you *full* or *not full*?" and on and on.....until finally Raya just looks at him really seriously and says "eat!"  ...with the tone of "hey dude, I don't care what the hell you wanna call it, just give me some food!" :-)

So anyways, my patience was worn thin by 9am with the whole candy begging thing (and she was too smart for me to trick into thinking the candy was gone!) so I loaded the kids up and we went to the library. Library went fairly well and before I knew it we did lunch and it was nap time (I thought for sure my day was finally turning around for the better!) and then I smelled it (or actually *didn't* smell it). You see, this morning I thought I was being all "good housewife" and putting a roast in the crockpot. Fast forward to 1pm and it suddenly hits me--hey, why doesn't it *smell* like roast in here?!....I run to the crockpot to find out that the outlet I had plugged it into wasn't working!!!!!!!!!!! The breaker had "popped" on it or something and I hadn't known it. Ugh!!! We ended up eating dinner at 8:30 tonight when the roast was finally cooked!So  by now my day seems to be taking a turn for the worse..Brielle wakes up early, after a very short nap b/c she is starting to come down with a cold, and Raya wakes up still candy crazy and ends up biting her lip while eating a piece after nap. She then proceeds to whine and cry ALL AFTERNOON so help me....I thought i would lose my mind! Our conversations all afternoon and evening went something like this: Raya--"I full Mama! I eeeeeeeeat!!!" Me--"ok, what do  you want?" Raya--"noooooo, it hurts!!!!!!! ...I  hungry Mama!" Me--"yes Raya, what do  you want? Do you want string cheese?" Raya-- "nooooooooooooo, hurt lip!!!!!!" Me-- "Do you want a popsicle?" Raya ---"nooooooooooooooo, I hurt!!!!" Me--"nice soft yogurt for your lip?" Raya--"noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"....and crying Me--"ok, that's fine, don't eat anything if your lip hurts", Raya---"I eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat Mama!!!!!!!! Noooooo!"

....and on and on. Finally, after hours of this and her not eating anything, she went to sleep. I see a super slight fat lip on the bottom, so she really  did bite it, but it didn't even puncture the skin or anything, so I have no idea why she's making such a big deal about it!

So yeah, Not a fun night. Here's to hoping tomorrow is  much much better!!!

In other news, Brielle is eating a lot more independently and especially loving mum mums and puffs. Today she was eating a mum mum and as I was looking at her it hit me--I was postive I had pictures of Raya eating mum mums in the exact same outfit when *she* was a baby!!! So i consulted my trusty blog and sure enough, I found them!Granted Raya was a good 3 months older in her pictures, compared to Brielle, but it's still fun to put them side by  side  :-)

And some more cute ones of my current little mum mum eater :-)

She's got a "scrunch face" just like Raya does now! :-)

What else? Oh, well here is Raya enjoying her m&ms for breakfast....

And one more "funny" to share....Raya now refers to HER tutu as "So So's pink  skirt"...so today she asked for permission to wear "so so's pretty pink skirt" LOL. I just think it's funny that Sawyer has claimed this tutu for his own and worn it so much that Raya has pretty much forgotten that it's *her* skirt in the first place! hehe. Here she is this morning proudly wearing it---she wore it to the library too. Interesting fashion choice Miss Raya :-P

...and while my little fairy was so  kindly  playing with  her baby sister this morning, it didn't take long for ^^^This^^^^^

to turn into this:

Poor Brielle...she's just thinking "what  the heck  is your problem girl!?!"

...and no  to  go  crash after my very loooooong day. Guess it's not only the kiddos who  crash post-Halloween! :-P

oh, one more thing, I've decided to end each blogpost during the month of November with one thing that I'm thankful for. So let's start with the easiest one of all--my girls. Because even after a very trying day like today, I couldn't be more thankful that I have been chosen to be the Mama of two such precious, funny, smart, loving, adorable little girls. Every time I read/hear about a mom who is struggling to get pregnant, or who tragically loses a child, or who's child is battling a serious illness, etc. my heart breaks for them and I become even more grateful for the life I have and the little girls I get to spend it with :-) So be thankful this November everyone--life is good.


  1. Sorry you had a rough day. I love the comparison pictures. By the way, what is a mum mum? Lol. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  2. I feel ya...our day wasn't as bad as yours. Kaylee woke up this morning remembering she had candy too and whined and cried asking for candy too. After nap time she kinda forgot about the candy, thank god!! Hope tomorrow is better.

    Keira loved mums too. Its always fun to compare pictures.


  3. I'ts always hard when they know that candy is there, you may just have to keep a few pieces and pitch the rest!!!! Hope Raya is brushing her teeth!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Love the "being thankful" idea. Sometimes its easy to forget. (Especially with a near-2-year-old) But, you're right. There are a lot of parents that deal with a lot harder stuff than I do at the moment! And I needed that reminder this morning! Thanks!

  5. Shawna- I feel for you! The candy ration is the worst part of Halloween, and it always seems like we get mostly things I don't want them to eat, like Jawbreakers and Sour Patch Kids!

    Maybe next year I'll be the "mean mom" on the street, passing out apple wedges and original Cheerios. :)


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