Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa baby

Why yes, I *do* have the cutest Santa baby you ever did see!

Outfit--Santa hat found at Goodwill I believe for Raya by Grandma and Grandpa....vest was a baby gift when Brielle was born that she is just starting to fit into....skirt is from her holiday pjs....hand me down black jeggings from Raya :-)

Ha! I got the hat off!

What the hell?! Where'd that hat come from again?

You will never  win the hat battle Mama!
Today we decided to go into Toys R Us, just  to play haha. We needed to get out of the house for awhile and we had a great time! The girls looked so cute, I of course had to do a little photoshoot before we left. And Raya got her daily photoshoot sucker :-P

We tried a new hairstyle today :-)

Seriously child, can't you smile normally just once?!

Outfit: Jeggings from Target girl's section, plaid shirt from Gymboree clearance this summer, vest (same as Brielle's from her
pictures) from Toys R Us

We really hadn't intended to buy anything today....we just were playing. But Raya found a Barney and Baby Bop book (she has never owned one---just checked a couple out from the library before) and she carried this book around like it was gold and smiled and sang and danced along with the music, etc. I couldn't help but buy it for her! I planned to buy it for a Christmas present, thinking she'd forget about it once we got home, but oh no---she wanted her "barney book!!!!" as soon as we got home, so I just let her have it. She was over the moon excited. I have now heard the "I Love You" song no less than 50 times an hour! The things we do for our kids, I tell ya.

And to end, one more picture of baby Ryan--this one makes me smile with  all those chubby baby rolls hehe :-) Plus it's a good close up

Hope every else  is  having a wonderful  "hump day" as well! ...even if you didn't get to play at Toys R Us all morning ;-)


  1. Cute pics!!! Raya's smile is sooooo cute!!! You can tell how much she loves that Barney book!! Yes I found that Santa Hat!!! Cute stuff!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Oh, I'm definitely doing that next time Gianna comes over! I wonder how many things she'll talk me into buying :)

    The girls look adorable, as usual. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Santa outfit. Ok, need to go shopping asap! Love Raya's braid too!

  3. Oh, Brielle looks SO cute in that hat... and those blue eyes! Can I have her for Christmas? I'll trade you...

  4. Mary, I'd be quite tempted to trade for Cael because he's so cute and I love his curls so much!! ...but then I remember all your stories about him and I think maybe I'll keep my baby who doesn't talk or walk :-P


  5. that santa hat is sooooo adorable! I love it :D

    also your new nephew is to die for! I just wanna squish those chubby rolls.


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