Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sock Monkey and Owl Love :-) ...and last chance at the GIVEAWAY!

It's no secret that Miss Raya loves owls and Brielle loves sock monkeys ( or at least Mama does hehe ).

So today Raya sported our favorite owl skirt set

 and Brielle debuted her new sock monkey  romper!

Unfortunately the accessory Brielle thought she needed with this outfit was a giant goose egg on her forehead from hitting the coffee table! I swear, if she wasn't in my care all day I'd start to think the sitter was beating the crap out of her haha. She's so accident prone!

I tried to take a picture of the goose egg, which is actually quite big/bruised, but it doesn't even hardly show up on camera for some reason. Guess her modeling career isn't over :-)

You can kinda see a little mark in these pictures though...

Other than that, today my mom brought Harper and Sawyer over for a little playdate. Had to try getting some Grandma pictures :-)

Here is what a *typical* Grandma picture looks like

And here is the result of lots of bribing, noise making, singing, etc!

For my thankful post of the day I'm thankful for my mom! Ever since we moved back she's been cleaning, bringing us food, babysitting, etc. and I really appreciate all the help--thanks mom!

And now for my GIVEAWAY REMINDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The giveaway ends tomorrow night--last chance to enter!!! Don't forget to comment here on my blog, *or* on my facebook page. You can earn entries by following my blog, liking my facebook page, blogging about my giveaway, telling me your favorite item from my shop No Paparazzi Please and sending your friends here to enter. Don't pass on free stuff---if you win you get to choose an ENTIRE OUTFIT for your winning--for instance, perhaps you would like a cute skirt set similiar to Raya's favorite owl one! :-)

Let's end with a few more random pictures---enjoy!

^^Clearly she takes seriously my warnings about  eating slowly, little bites, etc. Seriously kid!

And sadly Brielle is following in her sister's poor eating habits footsteps--slow down kids!

And what are you all  going to do right now? Enter my giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please :-) And if you've already entered perhaps you could give me one last shout out on Facebook and get some of your friends to enter--you'd earn yourself some last minute entries! :-P



  1. Brielle and Keira must be on a kick of hurting themselves. Keira's face is so banged up, she has a cut on her chin, a scratch on her cheeck and hit her nose on a toy and its black and blue...oh and has a black an blue spot by her eye! holy moly!

    cute pictures of all of them. I bet that was fun trying to get all of them to look at one time!


  2. I lvoe having everyone close!!! The kids are becoming such good friends!!! You know me, I love to clean, it's a stress reliever for me, always has been!!!
    Grama F

  3. My kids are always banged up and I feel the same way- glad I'm the one watching them or I'd be getting suspicious!

    Looking forward to the giveaway... I hope you've gotten lots of entries!

  4. I hope 11-11-11 is a lucky day for me and I win tonight :)

    I absolutely love Raya's owl outfit.


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